New York Meet Up?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Webster, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Hey guys long time no see!

    Well any ways. I am going to be up in New York City for a couple of day early next month and I was wondering if any one wanted to get a meet up together. I can only meet on Wednesday July 6th at night. Why only that night you may ask? Well my sister and some other family friends are heading to Lady GaGA and i'd rather go deaf and blind before I went to one of his concerts. So any ways getting back on topic I was wondering if any one in NY would want to meet up at some place. I dont know where a good place would be or anything haha. Any ways respond to me here or on facebook or twitter

    -Jack Webster
  2. I will be in New York from the 2nd to the 5th - I am also looking for a session.
  3. kinda wish i cud go but i mite be busy than :(
  4. Wish I could go, but whoever does go to this meet. Let it be known this man is the funniest bastard you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

    From a friend,

  5. ARRRGGHHH!! all you people with your disinformation. haha, every time i see "NEW YORK MEET UP!" i get my hopes up that they mean Somewhere in new york other than the city. you'd think i would learn my lesson by now, well if anyone is over on the clear other end of NY and wants to session and complain about NY being completely generalized to the city, hit me up. haha.

  6. Me and a bunch of other magicians might be having a meet up this summer in Syracuse, I think.
  7. I'll be up for it. Added you on FB.
  8. hey nikki and jroberts, im in syracuse ish area. so im sure we could all meet up somewhere like in the carousel mall. that would be neat for the ppl on the west side of nystate
  9. Cool beans, do you know any places?
  10. There's Tannen's and Fantasma magic shops. They are right down the block from each other.
  11. i must warn u jack raymond may be dancing alot to michael jackson hahahaha
  12. Hey Jakey cakes I thought you left. ;) When are you coming back to New York?
  13. fo sho. I'll talk to the other guys..and i'll let you know. No one is good at making a decision haha.
  14. Btw do you kniw if the shop will be open at night? And also if you know magicians in NY that don't post here can you tell them about it
  15. They both close at around 6. When are you hoping to be there? I'll try to get some buddies to jam.
  16. oh, well I think the concert starts later then that. Like 8 probably, Do you know any where else?
  17. If it's nice out i'd hit up bryant park or herald square.

    I'm in Connecticut for the summer so I can't make it to this one but maybe next time.
  18. ehh i pop in here and there jus to make sure u guys aint to lonely wit out me ;-)
  19. I second this.
  20. sounds good, now we need more people then just us two.

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