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  1. Hello,

    I am on a holiday in New York for the next 6 days. Are there any good magic shows that are worth attending to? Information appreciated.

  2. ughh i've seen tons of these threads... anyway yes i live in nj right by ny. The one show that is a must see is Steve Cohen's Show. It is in the Waldorf Estoriam if thats how u spell it. It is parlor magic at its best, although it is quite fancy. You must wear a suit but definitely worth it. Check out his website:

    oh yeah he only does shows on fridays and saturdays plus he now just created a midnight show.

  3. also check out monday night magic.
  4. Also, if my show doesnt fit your schedule...

    Monday Night Magic
    Manhattan Magic Show
    Chamber Magic (but prob dont fit since its Fri and Sat only shows)
    Quantom Eye

    If your doing the whole wanna see alot of performers thing then i recommend Monday Night, Modern magic, & Manhattan Magic.
    The other two are single man shows, although they still are great.

    Hope this helps.
  5. way to plug steven way to plug haha
  6. That was so not a plug at all, that was........moving right along lol.
  7. yah lol u totally plugged lol i personally like steve's the most :D
  8. I agree with the Manhattan Magic. Its very family friendly its a great plug for a friend.

    I know Ben helped start it.

    But Monday Night Magic has been around for a while.

    Let us know what shows you see and what you think of them.


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