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  1. hello everyone ,i am new here,i love to see American TV series,such as scrubs,queer as folk and so on. hope i can meet some friends here.
  2. I see. Well, welcome.. I think?
  3. well welcome new sir
  4. Hello and welcome to Theory11. In the case of emergency, exits are here, here and here. We do not provide toilet roll and coffee costs extra. Please do not feed the animals, in particular the Waynehouchin and the Chriskenner. You will pass the gift shop on the way out. Any questions?
  5. gonna have to say this is spam.. people introducing themselves don't GENERALLY plug DVD websites through hyperlinks.

    yeh. just a hunch. :rolleyes:
  6. Let teh harassments begin >:)
  7. Hum...If you're not spam, then maybe we can be..."friends".


    *sigh* I'm such a douche...


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