Newly opened Monarchs, friction between cards after a while, HELP!

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  1. Hey there kind soul! I’m completely new to handling decks so please forgive my incompetence. I just got two new Monarch decks. I opened one just a few hours ago. They’ve been great! They moved so smoothly, I did a couple of rifle shuffles and fans, did some tricks etc. ... but then I noticed that they had gotten dirty on the edges so I decided to use pencil eraser to get rid of the dirtiness. That didn’t work, and after a while I noticed that there was friction between the cards now, when before they glided across each other. I’ve been storing the cards between breaks in this leather box with soft fabric on the inside rather than their own tuck box if that has anything to do with it. I’m worried that I did something wrong, and would like to know what I could do in the future to prevent any smudges on the edges and to maintain that smooth feel between the cards. Also I live in Northern Texas and the climate is pretty temperate, if you needed to know.
  2. I'm not an expert in this kind of things, but for me the two golden rules that always worked are washing your hands and dry them well before using the cards and stop using a deck when you start feeling like the edges are "wet" (I don't really know how to explain that sensation)
  3. One thing I might suggest is that there might be microscopic particles from the eraser, fabric, and just general dirtiness. The way I fix this is by springing or dribbling the cards in front of my face as I plow in the direction of the deck as hard as I can. This blows out the microscopic particles, and after doing this a couple of times, the deck should begin handling much smoother, assuming said particles are your problem.
  4. Alright, thanks.

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