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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Karo-K54, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. What's the next book I should purchase after finishing Expert at The Card Table , Royal Road to Card Magic and Expert Card Technique? I haven't finished ECT yet, but I'd like to know what my next step would be. (Note: I don't have much interest in Scarne on Card Tricks, since all the card tricks are apparently self working and have been copied from the pre-mentioned books. If I am wrong or if my opinion is wrong, please let me know.)
  2. You'd be surprised how good self workers are. And for Mass Market Paperback at ~$4 and Kindle Edition at ~$8, you can't go wrong. If you learn and use even one thing, it is already worth your money.

    People will say self workers are a good way for you to work on your presentation and scripting (which is true), but even if you ignore the self workers that need it, there are some that are just killer on their own.
  3. Sorry for the double post. I realized I didn't answer your question; however, Jason England already has a video on this and I'd recommend it.

    What I did when I was first starting out was purchase a Video Download on certain effects and moves that I liked and thought I'd use. Sometimes they would reference certain magicians that had worked or inspired the effect. From there I would track down any books from the magicians they referenced or literature they suggested. That way you know you're getting a book from a magician who created/creates things you may be interested in.
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  4. There is very little overlap with Scarne and Royal Road and Expert Card Technique. There are some great effects in there. For sleight of hand, Royal Road would be next unless you decide to start getting the Card College series.
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  5. Like I have said, I've already done RRCM and I find Card College a bit too expensive. Are there any alternatives?
  6. Maybe try wilson's complete course? It has cards in it but it also has a little bit of everything else from mentalism, ropes, coins, cups and balls, etc.
  7. I misread your post. I thought you were asking between RRCM and ECT. If you are looking for inexpensive books, try Mentzer's Counts Cuts, Moves and Subtleties, Buckley's Card Control or the Magic of LePaul.
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  8. Some of Harry Lorayne's early stuff might also be worth a look...
    Closeup Card Magic
    My Favorite Card Tricks
    The Magic Book
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  9. I am guessing those books gave you a VERY solid foundation in card magic. How about branching out a bit now? Could go the coin magic route with Bobo's book?
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