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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Krash, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. As I was searching around the forums of various magic websites, something dawned on me that I had soon forgotten about when I first stumbled across the first magic website I ever was apart of...Ellusionist.

    I had something on my mind from Justin Miller's thread about unexperianced people putting out DVD's and lecture notes on unoriginal material. What caught my interest was actually a line about how Dan and Dave Buck brought something new to the table at such a young age. Not so much, their age at that time, but what they brought to the table.

    I thought for a moment, what is considered to be in the norm when it comes to our art now a days? Cards, Coins, Rope, Silks...and then I remembered it. There is a DVD that stands alone at Ellusionist called "50 Way To Rock A Lighter". "Now there's a neat concept" I thought. Why hasn't it been integrated into magic yet? I mean, you can "flourish" so to speak with a Zippo in hand. There are several things in magic that require fire. So...Why not?

    I've decided when the Christmas promotion comes around at Ellusionist...I just may decide to add "50 Ways To Rock A Lighter" to my cart. I have a feeling, however, that I will not regret it.

    Tell me your thoughts.

    Shane K.
  2. Wow never thought about that. Lighters and flourishes might not mix to well if you mess up though.

    I'd definantly buy that DVD. Once you get it I'll be wanting to see a review : )

    Remember the Neosporin when you practice!
  3. That DVD looks really intense. Some of the stuff they do is just jaw-droppingly good. They're basically the De'Vo's of lighters. I've alwasy been interested in fire magic and I've tried to make effects but, I stopped after I burned my index finger and couldnt play with cards for a week until it healed. I think lighters are often ignored in the world of magic and I would love to see a lighter DVD come out, with tricks you could do with one, not just flourishes.

  4. the flourishes arent that great
    theres no talking
    and the teaching is like the system...but worse

    but good idea for the lighters and all
    good luck with that! :)
  5. Theres only a couple good flourishes on it, some are kind of lame. But then again I guess 50 flourishes is a pretty big number especially in a genre thats been barely touched on. It also teaches how to maintain good quality in your lighter as well.
  6. I was thinking about using them more along the lines of a opener or even just as an accessory to keep on you. There are so many effects that use flash paper, or something of that nature. So, why not?

    The reason I brought up the Buck twins was in conveying that they decided to do something that wasn't exactly in the norm at the time, right?

    Upon more research. I've found that there is actually a website dedicated to lighter flourishes. Do you think that there is a way to bring it across the border to magic?

    Shane K.
  7. I have seen the trailer for the "50 ways..." even though I wouldn't buy it

    it lookes very cool.

    But keep in mind , what would happen if you messup???

  8. I actually can't help but think. "What will happen if I don't try?"

    Shane K.
  9. It is a fun video and some interesting stuff on it.

    Here is my review on the DVD
  10. Ah, yes I actually did read it. Your review was the only one I took the time to read over when I saw it at Ellusionist so long ago. It was very informative, also it was one of the clenchers that pushed me to want to buy the DVD even more. So for that, I as well as I'm sure Ellusionist thank you.

    Shane K.
  11. The only time you fail is when you don't try.

    There is no failure, only feedback.
  12. Agreed. That's exactly why I'm going to try. Who knows, maybe I'll actually stumble across something new.

    I'll definatly type up a review here and at Ellusionist whenever I get it.

    Shane K.
  13. Ssshhh! Keep it a secret! They'll never know.

  14. Ah, good idea. Hah.

    Shane K.
  15. I do lighter tricks and there actually is a VERY nice trick called the twighlight zone where you take the flame off and throw it on. Other than that it just lighter manipulations. i'm trying to actually incorporate the "unused" manip items in my show like Contact juggling zippo tricks and balisong knife spinning
  16. Yeah, I actually saw that trick and I thought it was pretty sick. So, do you actually own a Zippo? If so, do you have any advice for choosing a decent Zippo to perform the manipulations with? I know that some of them have different designs on them, and some of protruding designs also.

    I was thinking about getting one of them called "Black Ice" or something like that.

    Shane K.
  17. I'm only bringing this back up because I'm very close to purchasing my first zippo and the "50 Ways..." DVD.

    I was thinking about different ways that I could incorperate lighter flourishing/handling with magic and I was wondering if somebody out there has done something similar already. I'm not so much trying to incorperate card flourishes with lighter flourishes...I guess I'm trying to see if I can add the lighters in the mix to be more of a unique staple for myself.

    Does this seem feasible?


    Shane K.
  18. I say go for it. New ways to broaden ones horizon is never a bad thing. You should mix this zippo flourishes with pyro magic. I think that would be the best way to incorporate it into magic.

    A suggestion though: When practicing, try it without the lighter fluid and flames first.

    Pps: Fire is not your friend, and are not meant for snuggling with.
  19. Since I am a smoker I get a chance to use 50 Ways to Rock a Lighter a lot... plus with the holidays coming up I get to show up my cousin who is a smart*** sometimes.

    That and I get to vanish a cigarette in front of him which will be priceless this year since I forgot last year.

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