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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by JPIllusions, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. I'm a beginner flourisher and I need to know what cuts to learn next. So far i have learned

    -190 helix
  2. "What's next?" you ask.
    Perfect them.
  3. as Eugene said, perfect them, them after you do that try and mix them together to create you own stuff
  4. Xtreme Beginnerz, The Trilogy, Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes, etc.

    Then create a "non-variation of a sybil" cut
  5. *It'll make a disaster if he didn't get all the basics yet.

    *cough* *cough*

    ugly fans, ugly cut, ugly flow, etc. etc.. you get what I mean ;)
  6. so basically i should just practice those? okeydokey
  7. Funniest video ever, this guy is the best flourisher ever!
    But seriously as it's been said, buy the Encyclopedia of Card Flourishes, and get all the basics down, then create your own stuff and learn other people's cuts for inspiration.
    tom field
  8. Don't create your own stuff until you learn sybils, one handed cuts, tornado, flipbacks, etc...otherwise you'll be one of those annoying youtube n00bs who think they can perform and teach XCM even though they can't even do a charlier.
  9. Although that may be true, and it may seem like I'm contradicting myself.
    After you master some of the basics (ex: charlier, other 1-handed cuts, and whatever beginner(z) learn) don't limit yourself to what you learn, or what you create.

    The best part of any art (IMO) is learning, mastering, and creating. Although originality is appreciated.. Don't let it stop you from making moves you like.

    To sum up what I'm saying:
    Do what you enjoy.
    That's all that matters. Isn't it..?
  10. Yo dude, practice whatever you want, just make sure you are having fun. Everything comes with time and practice.
  11. You definitely have a point there.
    Although flourishing is a great way to be creative...after seeing the umpteenth sybil variation or swing cut sequence I guess I'm just jaded. I'm looking for originality.

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