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  1. Hey people, if you havent heard, the ultimate Nick Ahn just released a series of downloads with (also ultimate). There are four options, a begginer, intermediate, advanced, and bundle. I got the begginer and will review that one. I would expect similar quality with all the other ones

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    Angles Ride | A great, simple, and flashy flourish thats super easy. An card is woven around both hands and through a fan in a super visual manner. In my opinion this is the easiest flourish on the download, yet one of the most visually pleasing. 4.5/5

    Whirling | An extremely simple, yet amazing flourish that will make you wish you thought of that. A card "magically" appears and revolves behind a nice display of two packets. 4/5

    Chameleon | By far, the best flourish on the download. Super visual, though a bit difficult (for me) (who sucks) (a lot). A card twirls around in both hands then lands back onto the deck. 5/5

    trailer :

    Teaching | No problems. Not amazing, but easy to learn from. 5/5

    Overall, I highly suggest getting all of them or at least a couple. If not, you are really missing out. Please check these out and support a fellow cardist and magician.
  2. Cool I think I'll pick this one up I also suck at cardistry:D but I think I'll get the bundle so I can move along.
  3. I got the bundle yesterday, and i really recommend it!
    There are some great original stuff in there which i really like.
    The only thing dissapointing was the cut "Rhinestone" from the immediate download.

    Get it!

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