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    Want an explanation?

    In my opinion, one of the cleanest triumphs out there as you can show both packets face up and face down and also do a clean shuffle. Not to mention the kicker ending.

    Thanks for watching!

    Nick Ganesh | June 2010
  2. The handling was pretty nice.
    Though it still seemed rather standard.
    And I really wanna say that I have seen that ending somewhere before, but I just can't put on finger on it...

    Still a very nice handling.
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    i don't know nick. i usually love all your videos. this one didn't quit do it for me. the editing and video work was great. and the effect was clean. but i just didn't like the effect.

    it was good don't get me wrong, but i just don't like the effect. i'd suggest you'd look in to some more triumphs. but if you don't its not the end of the world.

    good job!
  4. Woah that was freakign epic mannn. i left a comment on youtube.
  5. That Double lift was amazing... the trick was too... but the double... blew... me... away
  6. Nicely done!
  7. Actually, I agree with one of the above posts. That double was amazing! What method is it?

    And hey, I have a LiveStrong band too (not very uncommon I know).

  8. Due to the fact the video sucked, it is now private.
  9. Who said it sucked?! At least answer our question!...Please :D

  10. Ok, its an original double lift. If people show a lot of interest in it, ill post up a tutorial.
  11. did i miss the video?
  12. I don't know about your vid cause it's nowprivate, but in my opinion the cleanest triumph out there is the Culligula Triumph by Kostya Kimlat, as the spectator shuffles the face up cards into the face-down cards themselves, as much as they like !

    By the way, what is the extra kicker in the end of your version? ?
  13. I believe that the extra kicker was that he did the pop out move to reveal the card and to show that it was faceup.

  14. Dude this video was awesome, I don't know why you think it sucked! All of your work is great, and this is no exception. I would also like to learn the double, but you don't have to teach us if you don't want to. lol
  15. Hey guys, sorry I deleted it, but the video is back up!
  16. That sh** is off the chain man. i am amazed at the tricks cleanliness. and YES i would love a tutorial. this is my new favorite triumph.
  17. Thats was a pretty awesome triumph my friend. I love the pop out move at the end. I'm praciting it right now. Its fun.

    And yeah a tutorial will be freaking awesome.
  18. OK ill consider making a tutorial but i will almost certainly make a double lift tutorial.
  19. Nicely done man. Really clean. You kinda blindsided me with the pop out move. It's different, I like it.
  20. Quick question; why did you delete your videos on Vimeo? Those were awesome!

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