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Nikon Film Festival - In The Cards : Short Film by Andrei Jikh


vp of development
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Aug 5, 2007
theory11 artist Andrei Jikh is proud to present his entry for Nikon Film Festival's 140 Seconds or Less competition. From the official page:

An instant flashback of a character’s life and all that’s significant to him all in one day. The Cardistry (card stunts) represent all the complexities and problems of life that live within him.

A short film I produced with the help of my trusty friends. Spanning over two weeks and a multitude of locations in Las Vegas, Nevada which was both a blessing (lots of lights), and a curse (too many casinos).

Show your support by leaving a comment at Nikon Film Festival's official site. Feel free to discuss the contest (and Andrei's entry) here!

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Jan 11, 2008
Truly magnificent!

Love it! Excellent work Andrei, excellent work.
Nov 18, 2008
Fantastic video and amazing film work. Hope this video gets the recognition it deserves.

...It's still killing me how they got that shot of Andrei leaning forward off the edge of the building...

2 Legit 2 Quit

That was legit. After watching some of the other entries, Andrei could really win the contest.
Aug 2, 2008
I really did enjoy that. I think it was much better than some other cardistry videos that I've seen from him in my opinion. As said above, I love the switching of backgrounds as the camera circles around. Very well done. I wouldn't expect anything less.


Elite Member
Sep 2, 2007
Las Vegas
Hey guys thank you so much for your comments!

It was a complicated shoot! The leaning over the ledge was indeed legit, I slightly leaned over the edge and went back and when intercut with the very last shot, psychologically completed the fall which is what I was trying to aim for. I must say... it was not very smart of me to do that but I didn't have the luxury of using a green screen.

The camera circling around me was on a 360 degree track dolly which I made myself for very cheap. The shoot took 2 long weeks mainly due to our tight schedules , story boarding, testing equipment, exams, etc. The weather was FREEZING, don't be fooled, the sunny scenes in the video were so cold, my hands could barely operate. I had to drive approximately 10-15 miles a day to scout for locations that could contrast well with each other without looking homogeneous.

This video is mainly geared toward lay people so the moves weren't anything new but I feel that it's best to keep things simple to those who see Cardistry for the first time. The girl in the video is my girlfriend whom without this whole video would not have been possible, she was the camera operator! I want to thank Philter (Magnus Jorgensen) who gave me direct permission to use his Flutterby soundtrack within the video, he's one of my favorite music artists.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for showing me so much support, Alejandro Portela, Justin Robert Young, Kevin Ho, Jonathan Bayme, and everyone else that helped thus far, thank you guys so much.

If you guys have time, please show me support and register at and leave a comment. Dec. 22nd Nikon will announce finalists (top 50) and will then enable the ratings system in which case I will come back to bug all of you to vote for me. (Assuming we make it)

Thank you once again! Let me know if anyone else is interested in any other details,

-Andrei Jikh
Apr 1, 2009
I would probably consider this the best cardistry video I have ever seen. Great work. Simplicity is often more beautiful when done well, than very technical work. This was a perfect mixture.
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