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  1. This may have been asked before but how come there are no books for sale here?
  2. Theory11 only sells what it produces. They simply don't produce books. I hope answers your question...
  3. Also, it's a sad truth of today's market that books don't sell well. Theory11's warehouse probably is significantly smaller than many think it is. They have to pay to store any physical object they sell on the site and books just don't move. That means they sit there taking up space that another item which might make them more money could be using.
  4. Yeah, books are usually harder to follow than modern video tutorials. Digital space is kuch cheaper than physical space.
  5. There is one book, it's Draven's book on the Wire.
  6. Yes, books don`t sell well. E-books don`t eat up much space however and are cheaper to produce than anything else. Everybody can produce an e-book (just not a good one lol). The truth is, people want videos.

    Physical book are often years in the making and don`t sell very good.
    Some places such as Vanishing Inc., Hermetic Press and Kaufman and Company still produce top quality physical magic books.
    AFAIK l&l used to publish physical books in the past, but not anymore (just e-books).
    Theory 11 had the Kenner book "Totally out of control" for sale some time ago.
  7. I must be old school because when it comes to learning it is 95% books 5% everything else. I love books. I love the value in books. I love that I can take a book with me where ever I go. With a DVD you spend like $40 get four or five effects. For the same $40 you can get a couple of books and get fifty to one hundred effects. It's not that books do not sell well. it's the instant gratification of the $10 that the younger magicians with no mentor want. The younger magicians with an older mentor are book heavy learners.

    There is just so much out there that is in books only. The eight volume Tarbell set. The Book of Wonder vol 1 and 2. The complete Walton. The Pallbearer Review. Card Magic of LePaul. Star of Magic. Complete Works of Alex Elmsley, ect ect. It just seems hard to be a well rounded magician if you cut your self off from the books.
  8. It gets really hard when it comes to things such as presentation and magic theory.
    Strong Magic, Our Magic, Designing Miracles or The Structural Conception of Magic on DVD ??? Not really ;)
  9. Yes really. BTW, Our magic isn't even out yet. So we don't know what it will be like as a finished product. You look at the top guys making the DVDs and they don't talk about the DVDs they own, it's the books they own. You get more value from the books when it comes effects per dollar. There are so many great effects that is not out on DVD. By not looking at the books you are missing out on so much
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    I´m talking about the book "Our Magic",which was one of the first books on magic theory ;) It`s one of the old classics.
    You will not get a first edition for a reasonable price, but it`s a steal as an e-book

    Not to be confused with the kickstarter project ;)

    BTW, I am a book guy and collector. I own over hundred of magic books, just a couple of DVDs. Some collect cards, other coins...I collect books (all kind of books, not just magic related) ;)
  11. sorry i thought you were nay saying books. I'm a collector as well at it's peek it was 1200 magazines from the 30's to the 60's over 300 books and about 150 lecture notes. lost a ton in a flood. right now the girlfriend has set a limit of 40 physical books.
  12. I agree about our backbone being books. Look at how many times people ask "where do I start?" I was one of these guys, and every response was "read a book.". They were right. Royal Road, Card College, Card Control, Expert Card Technique, and if you want to shell out a chunk of change, The Fine Art of Magic. There are so many books that teach so many things in such a way that dvds can't. Best of all you can take a book almost everywhere. Hopefully we can get enough people to see the beauty of the magic in these books and hopefully one day be able to buy them here.
  13. Personally I would much rather buy my books here than from say amazon or some other site.
  14. Unfortunately the people who have realized that books are economical way to go are generally not the main focus of sites like Theory11 and Ellusionist.

    These sites cater to newer magicians in most cases and again, have to stock what sells. This thread represents a small minority of overall shoppers in this community let alone the overall magic community.
  15. I would also rather buy theory11 than amazon. Ive also seen a website or two with a list of recommended books linked back to amazon that the site gets a cut of if Ppl buy via the link.
  16. What a bummer!

    Did you receive my message ? Every time I send a private message, my Sent Items folder is empty afterwards.
  17. I am a newer magician and I know the value of books. The only way to stop the cycle is to get the word out.
  18. The cycle will continue as long as videos are available.

    Humans are lazy. If we weren't, we'd still be foraging for most of our food and hunting with our bare hands. We always look for what we perceive to be the easier way to do things. So, as long as people have videos available, and the refuge of, "But I'm a VISUAL learner!" people who don't want to bother with books will not bother with books.

    And that's fine.
  19. I second the let the lazy watch videos. IT leave the good stuff in books for those willing to take some time. Like I know magicians who have spent good money on the effect where to make paper butterflies come to life. I know which book that was published in back in 1884. I even own a copy of said book...
  20. I believe that a healthy mix of books and other sources is a good thing, I just would like to see more access to books here where we know what we are getting and can support Theory11

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