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  1. Ok, we ALL know thats not true, but I wanted to say what I dont like about Mindfreak for AESIDE from the fact that he uses stooges & camera tricks. So lets pretend for a second that he DOESNT use camera tricks, so let's not talk/argue about that issue. What other reasons why do you like/hate him or his show? One thing that is really annoying is all of Criss' consultants filling up over half of a show talking about his big stunt for that week. They basically find ten different ways to say the same thing- "Criss is going to die." & Criss might do 2, maybe 3 things. & Criss says he has done over 1,000 demonstrations over 100 episodes. HOW?!? I've watched pretty much every episode. Can anyone tell me of an episode where he's even done 5 things in a single show? Because if he has really done 1,000 different things, thats AT LEAST 10 demonstrations per episode. & there have been episodes where the whole show was JUST ABOUT THE STUNT, like buried alive. & his showmanship?!? Not once have Ive ever seen an interesting storyline, or even something funny or somewhat amusing to say, to go along with anything he does. Half the time, it looks like they come up with **** at the last minute, than there's Criss, going into the zone, breathing real hard like he's going to have an orgasm, than R U READY!!! NOW!!!!!!!! It just gets old & anoying. & he cant even keep a promise to his own mother, as he said the lame building escape would be his last dangerous thing, than hes at it again!! Honestly, a 15 year old beginner magican can put together a better tv show than he can. I could go on, but I will just leave it at that for now.
  2. Congratulations. You have officially posted a rant thread in the General Discussion forum area, which I highly doubt anyone cares about since the same **** about camera effects/stooges/tons of other gimmicked **** is said about Criss Angel and Mindfreak ALL THE TIME.

    Kudos to you for being original, however (sarcasm, if you can't tell).
  3. Wow, looks like you REALLY can't stand the guy !!! And still, as you say yourself , you've "watched pretty much every episode". He's that good !
  4. I bloody well detest Criss, i try to keep out of the bashing post because i'd just go on a rant about the guy and it's not all that constructive

    the big thing i don't understand, is i've heard many reports he's not a very good person, i've heard he is just mean and rude and degrading to people, just a real bad person.. and still people love him... why is his behavior acceptable because he's a fake celebrity? i mean if a "normal" person did half the things he has done don't you think the public would hate him?
  5. Let's pretend that criss didn't have a show called believe, over 200 million dollars in the bank, used stooges and camera tricks and didn't have a hit show called mind freak. Let's pretend that airplanes in the night sky were like shooting stars. Lol

    obviously the guys doing something right. I'm not saying I like the guy as he is a bit of an egomaniac but if any of us were given the oppertunities he was you can't say you'd say. No I don't want to make millions of dollars doing magic especially if it involves using camera tricks and stooges.
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    no amount of money can buy respect...
  7. The only thing I hate more than Criss Angel, is the never ending Criss Angel threads that pop up on this forum every week.

    Seriously, just use a search button and look up Criss Angel before you make a thread. I can promise you that 99.9% of what ever you need to say, or want to know has already been covered to the Nth degree.

    The only thing more threads on that subject accomplishes is drawing out another heated flame war between the people who are pro criss angel and those who are against him.

    I'd recommend a mod close this thread asap. There's nothing new that is going to be discussed in this thread that the other 2,000 criss angel threads haven't already covered.
  8. T11, have you ever thought about tasking someone, mod's or anyone else in going through old threads and clearing out unnecessary ones? it might save server space and would make searches much easier? Criss angel threads for instance, Draven makes a good point, there are a ton. Why not get rid of some that are nothing but fights anyways? And you dont have to delete entire threads, if you give someone informed the ability they can delete useless posts and keep good info. Lets face it, there is quite a bit of useless stuff in some threads.
  9. Sooo a and e is the pimp, and criss angel is a ho he's just the bottom b$&ch. Lol
  10. All i have to say is that Criss Angel graduated from my highschool and went to the same exact magic shop that i go to when he was a kid. Even though he does use stooges and camera effects, i still think that's awesome!
  11. Reported for unnecessary vulgar language.
  12. Let's pretend BP Oil Company didn't cause the largest oil spill in history, and that BP doesn't have billions in the bank, and that they don't price gouge...the must be doing something right??? RIGHT? right? oh wait...

    Having your own TV show doesn't mean you've succeeded. Jimmy Fallon has his own talk show, I'd hardly call that success in the talk show biz. Chris Angel has his own tv show, which I'd hardly call success in the magic world. Being rich money wise doesn't mean you've succeeded. He may be rich money wise, but he's poor in nearly every other area of his life that money can't buy, like respect. He might have a show called "believe" which is a complete crap of a show from all the reviews I've read, but why doesn't he tour? Don't most famous magician's tour? I think that says something about his show. I would LOVE to see Chris Angel on America's Got Talent. He'd get three red X's in a fairly quick fashion. I've participated in these types of threads too often, and as much as I try, I can't stay away. It seems like death himself keeps that horse alive, just so it can be beaten for eternity.
  13. This is pretty old news. Chris pulled a whole tree out of the ground! Who wouldn't believe that? He did the lean, he did the card faced up in the water, he did the good coin trick... So what's your problem?
  14. the guy didn't always use camera tricks. He clearly had to have had practiced for a long time. One of the more recent episodes talked about what he did before he got the show. It shows old footage and everything, and he does some pretty cool stuff in that footage. My magic teacher went to a Vegas magic seminar with criss angel and a bunch of other guys. It was taught by Jeff McBride and my teacher saw Criss doing some pretty decent stuff. So Criss must know a thing or two...right?

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