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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by MagicShadow9, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know any good color changes that happens with no cover? By no cover i mean ABSOLUTELY NO COVER. No shaking, snapping, waving, or flicking of the card, it's just held still....and changes. The only one i know for right now is Color by d+M.
  2. Wow by Masuda. The change can happen as fast or as slow as possible and they actually see the card change. You can stop halfway through the change and show that you can see both cards printed on the same card. The only down side is you put the card inside a clear plastic case.
  3. Try Shapeshifter... forgot who it's by. Search it up, it's a good one. Similar to Color, as well.

  4. Definitely Shapeshifter.

    You can also try an Ego change. I find that it requires very little cover.

    Try the Snap Change as well, although it's angle-sensitive.
  5. dont you have to flick the card in Color?
  6. Umm.... One good one is the Clip Shift by Chad Nelson, but your hand kinda covers the top card that gets changed though. The card can still be seen by the spectator... well.... partially.
  7. Shapeshifter by Marc DeSouza requires a flick. As does Color. Clipshift is very covered and requires shaking. Ego requires cover. Snap requires a snap (obviously). I can't think of anything that would suit your precise specifications. Think of it this way - something necessarily has to happen because you're performing a sleight. One way or another, the face of another card has to move over the face of the first card - therefore something by definition moves. Wow is probably the closest you'll get and the poster seems to be one of the only people who read the thread properly instead of mindlessly putting in their favourite colour change.
  8. ... A blink card?....

    - Sean
  9. Top change.

    owned. <3
  10. Bt omg lolz thts nt a visual change lol!!!!1!

    Top change is awesome, how many other colour changes can be isolated from the deck, use only one card and can happen in the spectators hand.

    SO underestimated, like SO many other things.

    - Sean
  11. the inverse impulse is badass
  12. Kevin Ho's? oh yeah from Smooth Operations.
  13. Yeah, that is bad ass. but there's a "flick" involved.

    why not just do a simple double and place it on the spec's hand. o_O
  14. Because that wouldn't be visual enough. I think what he wants is a blink's the only way. :p
  15. yeah, thats the only thing i can also really think of...requires no cover...and visually changes in a "blink" of the eye.
  16. Sigh. Already been mentioned.
  17. Ben Earl's seductively named "stroke change" is indeed very sexy! if u get it right, it looks ridiculously good, with apprently little cover. it can be found on his disc set "past midnight" on volume 1.
  18. I'm pretty sure "apparently little cover" isn't "ABSOLUTELY NO COVER".

    Just, you know, putting it out there. In case people didn't read even the first post.

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