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  1. I have been reading a lot of Criss Angel threads lately, and I would like to initiate a discussion on something that I think hasn't been brought to the table before....

    what if...... THERE WAS NO CRISS ANGEL?

    I mean, we dish the guy A LOT. But think for a minute, what would you think would be the exposure of "real magic" to the audiences, if we didn't had David Blaine or Criss Angel on national tv.

    Do you think that things would be better? or not? and why.
  2. David Copperfield would be ruling the world....

  3. If there was no Criss Angel then I probably wouldn't be doing magic right now.
  4. Well magic would still probably, as Dan Buck....or was it Dave... lol whatever, he said that David Blaine brought magic back and made magic pretty cool. He also said that most likely if you a magician before David Blaine you most likely were considered the nerd in class, the geeky kid in school but David Blaine made it cool. And whether you like it or not Criss Angel did the same, he made several people want to get into magic and further made magic seem cool. So magic as we know it today really wouldn't be the same. Unless of course some other person came up with the idea the David Blaine did.
  5. Though I give them that they made magic cool again, I also believe that if it wasn't them it would have been someone else.

  6. Same here.
  7. No me dirian mas pendejadas como "ajales!! el criss angel mexicano!!" ò " eres como criss angel" aunque estoy seguro que habria alguien en su lugar parecido...a poco a ti no te han dicho eso?
  8. Criss angel is a douche!! but I admit him and David blane got me inspired to learn magic in the first place.
  9. Well if there was no Criss Angel, some other magician would've stepped up and become the new famous magician. Because really, there are talented people out there better than CA. Magic was scarce back in the dayz when CA started, which resulted in a rapid growth in his succession because people were eager for more and more. I mean if David Copperfield took over a channel back then and demonstrated some of this very old stuff, he would have surpassed CA in no time imo. The reason people dislike CA is because he overused simple camera trickery in his tricks, i mean, there's like 5 cuts (changing camera angles) after he "enters the box" and then they display "Continuous shot" <<< wtf is that. I would respect CA more if there was only one camera in front of him, not dozens of camera. To me he is more of an actor than a magician. Actors have success behind a screen, magicians have success on stage.

    "Although a hugely successful TV series, the show has been subject to criticism with regard to its use of camera tricks and editing as well as planted “audience members” in tricks that could not be performed credibly in front of a real audience.

    Criss Angel also generated a great deal of publicity with his collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, in Criss Angel Believe. The show has since received criticism for lackluster performances"

    These are not my words, it came directly from magic critics ....
  10. Alright I feel I have to pipe up on something here. Many of us do not like magicians that use ecesive camera tricks but to critisize those people without knowing the full sotry, which i don't either, is not fair to that performer. CA, though I do not condone some of his choices, is a good magician. His stage show is well received and he has pushed the envalope for helping get magic in the spot light. I would ask that we all respect other magicians by not calling them names or attacking them, and just concede that we may not agree with their choices and move on with the discussion.

    I for one love the fact that my son has taken an interest in magic and this is due to CA and DB. But I truly think that if it wasn't them it would have been someone else. Doing pretty much the same thing.

    So please, I ask as respectivly as I can, lets keep it civil.

  11. I believe it was David Regal who said "David Blaine brought magic back…Criss Angerl, mhm……Well David Blaine brought magic BACK!"
  12. I think that opinions like that are biased. Being 100% realistic, people often remember Criss Angel first rather than David Blaine.

    I mean, I do not like the guy, but they are actually facts.
  13. I think that was Aaron Fisher in Wayne Houchin's AOM... could be wrong though.
  14. If there was no Criss Angel, Dan Sperry would be magician of the century.
  15. Actually, it was the buck twins who said it. What they said was something like let's face it before david blaine if you did magic you may have been known as the nerdy kid in class I don't remember the exact quote but they said something along those lines
  16. Who. Cares! I mean does it matter really? Whats done is done, we can't change it (for now..) We all got into magic someway and thats great.... Oh yeah to the actual topic, personally I like david blaine better and I think he came first..
  17. Oh crap it was Aaron Fisher. Sorry about that I just love David Regal and I remembered it as him but I pulled out my DVD and went back. That is such a good video.
  18. LOL.... I should text that to him. LMAO... hahahahaha.

    OK, let me chime in.

    If there was no Criss Angel, plain and simple... someone else would've taken the spot. Every generation has had their main magician. Society, in North America mostly, seems to only handle about two celebrity magicians at a time. There was a time in the '60s that Mark Wilson & Harry Blackstone jr were untouchable. Then Doug Henning. Then Copperfield and Burton. Then about a five year gap before the Masked Magician made magic talked about then David Blaine.

    As for camara tricks... psst. That isn't Angel's innovation. Have you seen the footage of Copperfield Hovering over the Grand Canyon? If you haven't, do your homework. There is a HUGE difference between live performance magic and television magic. That camara is unforgiving.... and the name of the game is ratings, not "being true" to the art. The end result is the exact same. You have to film the effect in such a way that the viewer at home really believes that this trick was just performed. It's a trick upon a trick.

    We can sit here and judge homie, but guess what. Criss is in his mansion enjoying his life. And we are on computers judging him. I don't condone the use of excessive camara trickery, but put it into perspective. He's playing in a different ballgame where a network has invested a lot of money into him. He isn't the sole decision maker on that program.

    And whoever made that comment about doing magic before Blaine is right. Around 1994, as a freshman in High School, I started performing magic on Times Square. Both for practice and to pick up chicks. Back then the only thing people knew of magic were the Copperfield specials or Lance Burton. No matter what, it was nerdy. Now we make it cool again, but it takes a lot to shake that nerdy image.
  19. I've honestly never heard of Criss Angel until I got into magic.
    That's probably because I only had cable TV back in the day, which is only 4-5 years ago.
    All in all, did not make a difference for me.
  20. Thank you, that was the overall answer that I tried to give, but I could't find the right words. :)

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