No flourishing at the dinner table.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jok3r, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. has anyone heard that from their parents?
    my mother had to tell me that the other night, I thought it was funny.

    anyone else had this problem, maybe in school, job, church?

    (yes i had cards out in church one time, in goin to hell hahaha)

    p.s this is not a *serious thread, i just thought i would ask.
    it is pointless but i thought it was funny.

  2. Besides the fact that I'm a non-believer in hell and would flourish anytime anywhere....

    I use to get a nasty look from my manager all the time for flourishing at work. However; our guest are quite taken by my magic/flourishing and it has actually brought some of them back so he's alright with it now because we have something unique not most hotels have :p
  3. Hell does exist

    I get that all the time in the middle of class.

    "put your cards up."
  4. The other day, i was asked to put my cards away while i was in a bar, playing black jack with my friend :( lol
  5. haha the hell thing was just a joke.

    but thats pretty cool that your guests like it
  6. lol thats strange, you should have done a trick maybe they would let you keep them out lol
  7. at my school they would take them up, because cards quote "arent aloud"
    but i homeschool now, so no worries
  8. I always hate being accused of 'gambling' when trying to show someone a trick at school.
  9. Well, i didn't want any trouble....

    .... so i b*ch slap him instead lol
  10. yes me too, i dont even know how to gamble without a table

  11. lol i understand, its a good idea until the very large man with the leather gloves grabs you from behind
  12. my parents tell me that all the time
    as for the beginning they used to take deck away, then I just took out an other deck, and an other deck after they took that one, and so on....they just got tired after a while and now they let me have deck out during class even though cards are not permitted in school my teacher are ok with it since they know I do magic
  13. well a 3 card monte routine

    with money

    hehe good times
  14. * Absolutly no-link-to-the-thread Alert*
    What is it like to be home schooled? Where is the fun, the girls, the drama, the sport teams and the party?
  15. I was home-schooled, so I can attest to the "funness". First of all, being home-schooled doesn't mean you don't meet girls. I am home-schooled and I met my fiancee, whom I love so much and am marrying next year. Second, Virginia (the state I live in) doesn't allow you to play sports at local schools, but a lot of other states do. So, you can play sports if you want to. Also, what's fun about being home-schooled is that instead of getting out at 3:00-4:00pm, you can finish at 11:00am, because there isn't a lot of wasted time, and have the rest of the day free! Which, is what I used to do and it was great, but now I'm in college and can't. Anyway, home-schooling has a lot of benefits. My friends that went to school were always jealous of me. Peace!


    P.S. I've never had my parents tell me to stop flourishing at the dinner table. But, I was sitting at church one night (not in a service, during a snack thing) flourishing and some people told me to stop because it was distracting. But, I of course didn't, because the young children were loving it and their parents asked me to keep doing it. Parents and little kids win.
  16. Personally, I wouldn't have a deck in my hands until my hands are 100% cleaned and dried. So I would never have decks out at the dinner table.

    I take my magic very seriously, because it's what I work[I work at a red Robin restaurant, who like to hire magicians.] But yes I've had several bad looks, and many decks taken away at school because of my flourishing, and false shuffles where i make all Blackjacks appear.

    After they got use to me, they embraced my magic, and now I can take up a whole period at school just doing magic.[My teachers actually encourage me doing it. I'm a Senior now, and my back palming has gotten so much better since I first started doing it when I was about 14. I can take up a whole study hall just by doing that routine[Defiantly one to practice.]

    So My teachers now embrace what I'm doing, and some have even tried to learn it themselves...One even showed up to my IBM Ring!:)
  17. School is for learning not that crap. lol and actually I just started being home schooled the past year(junior) and I have more of that stuff than when I was in public school :D
  18. I'm home schooled! Time for some bragging:

    I go to bed at 1, get up at 12, finish all my work in 2 and a half hours, and generally do what ever I want when I want; and still get a better education than most!

    That leaves me with some four hours a day to practice magic.

  19. And I still have access to sports, girls, and all that other stuff.
  20. I do cards in church all the time

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