No more d+M?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zeedub81, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. Doesn't look like a joke to me.
  2. d is well known for pursuing his goals and ambitions without letting others get in his way. We saw him temporarily pursue Hunger until it made him terribly ill.

    I'm not on the inside, but I don't see this at all as fake. I would expect to see him again, but in his own time. Just because he may have no plans to return to magic, who of us could resit the lure of it all? Magic is too close to some of us. We may be seeing more from d+M, but we just have to wait and see.

  3. Jesus christ now we are going to have like 80 threads about this. You fan boys.

    Its his decision, the only thing we have left is to respect that decision and to wish him luck with whatever he wants to do.
  4. The main thing I love about Daniel is also the thing I hate about him.
    He's sssoooooo dramatic.
    The note says he will always have a deck of cards in hand so seems like he wont stop performing which is all I really care about.
    The people who want nothing but to buy every product that puts out however..may be saddened?
  5. Pretty much true.
    Sometimes I think Daniel Madison is about to fall off his rocker... or maybe he already has!
  6. Kinda sounds like a midlife crisis, lol. He will probably be back, he may have just lost his way a bit.
  7. "i have to go away. for future updates please follow @DevilsAdabout 1 hour ago from web "

    That's from twitter.

    Just informing.
  8. As far as I've heard midlife crisis begins in the age around 40, DM is nowhere near 40, although I do hope you are right...
  9. Good Bye

    "As Mcuh as I konw, I Smilpy am Nto Terhe. Find Me"
    (d+M website)

    -Jon R.
  10. You said it right...I really don't like how things have stopped being about performing and tricks. Its kind of become a soap opera. This idiot isn't helping us out. All he needs to do is say "I need to take a break, I may or may not be back" and people start going crazy. Pathetic is what it is. What the hell does this mean anyways? He needs to take a physcological leave of absence? Sounds like more bs hype to me. He'll be back in a couple months with a new dvd or book...mark my words.
  11. He will be back. Look at all the time he has invested into magic, the skills he has! If he can make money at it too he will probably keep doing it. Hype for his "final book"?
  12. Who wants to bet its going to be a "Limited, underground release?"
  13. you can have a crisis at any time. the midlife crisis expression refers to people realizing that they have reached an age where they had always imagined a certain life for them selves and they havent, so they freak out. Theoretically, this could happen at any time, and the more life experience you have, the quicker it could come
  14. The guy needs to stop acting like his life is a soap opera. Seriously, we get it. You're taking a break from magic. That's ALL you really need to say.

    He's going to take up accounting.
  15. Dunno, maybe a career change. Going away and going back 'underground'.

    Dont know, I dont think anyone knows besides his mother. Anyways, i liked his stuff. Ah well.
  16. He'll do what he wants. If he wants to leave, then he'll leave.
    If he's trying to fool us (which I am 96% sure he isn't right now) then I will not be happy.
    Daniel has always been one of my greatest inspirations, not because of his tricks, I don't like any magician because of what they do, but because of his STYLE.
    That dramatic, dark, eerie, yet elegant and sophisticated manner that surrounds him.

    Do what God calls you to do Daniel, He won't steer you wrong.
  17. god?, hehe.
  18. Why should he break character for you?
  19. haha...this really is a joke...I suppose a moderator will come lock this topic...which they should this has nothing to do with magic its just giving in to an attention whore.
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