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  1. You know what pisses me off the most?

    It's that whenever I check on the TOW (that means wikipedia for those who don't know the /b/ meme) the mentions of anything like ellusionist or theory 11 or even any of the concepts within are almost totally nonexistent. Not to mention the lack of info on the classic old time people, methods, etc. :mad:

    'know what? These people deserve a lot more respect than this. If anyone has any wikis out there that prove me wrong, let me know


    We shall band together to combat this lack of knowledge and form an online library where people all over can catalog what's there in magic. True, secrets will be an issue, and I understand that; I propose that if any product from here, penguin, or ellusionist be cataloged, one can simply put the gist of the description and a review so that one can tell if it's worth getting. It's like going to the library to see it; you know all the oldymoldy magicians did this and look at them now!

    Yes, I know there is such a thing as a forum, but frankly I think they are far too disorganized to achieve any meaningful results. Maybe magicians all over can post their own reviews on the wiki page instead.

  2. I do not think banning together is a good idea. E and T11 play an important part, yes, but it is a good thing that they are not on wiki. This is a good thing because laymen who are just looking for secrets to magic will look on wiki thinking that they will find them. But they wont and if they found a link to E or T11 or Penguin they would also find most of the secrets of modern magic. So banning together to put E and T11 on wiki is not a good idea unless of course you want everybody to know. Don't get me wrong i love when new magicians join the "squad" but just laymen looking to heckle, NO not a good idea.

  3. ^ OOH, interesting :D

    But back on topic, it's really dangerous if people who LIKE to destroy magic (believe me, there are plenty of people) found the site, then we'd be all screwed over. Not to say that it's not useful, but very risky.
  4. I strongly agreed with timft because in magic, laymen would like to find out more secrets from magicians and try to destroy us. It would be a epidemic disaster if everyone in the whole world found this information. It is best to stay hidden because magic is all about wonders.
  5. Hmmm, you've got a point there. But my idea ultimately is an online library by magicians and for and only for magicians.

    It's just like that Flourish and Blotts bookstore; in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe, there are two different Britains that coexist but lack knowledge of each other (well, wizards know some things of the Muggle world). These are Muggles (i.e. laymen) and wizards (i.e. magicians). And do the muggles know about Diagon Alley? Nooooooo...

    I know full well about the statue of secrecy and about how muggles would like to find out more secrets this way, but I mean, there are ways for us wizards to defend ourselves.

    My initial intention was in fact to keep a diary that does just this; catalog everything known about the field; but that would take too long. :rolleyes:

    What u think?
  6. I'm not so naive not to realize this. But I'm not as bad as Voldemort to wage war on these people who would like to destroy magic either. I know full well what the risks might be.

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