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Noki Change


Elite Member
Jun 18, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Looks very similar to the Zozu change taught by Doc Docherty, with a small variation on the replacement. If you haven't seen the Zozu change, check it out at Vanishing Inc.
Apr 27, 2008
Sorry I'm not up to the latest Hip news duuudes. Yo.

Haven't seen the Zozo change yet, I just thought it looked like an Erdnase.

Ah well.

Jul 1, 2008
awww. :( well it has cleanup and its kinda different. so :p
besides in the zuzo u change it and then u change it right back.
Mar 26, 2009
the zoso change requires you to change the card back to the original. this looks much cleaner and you end clean. I have learnt the zoso and that only makes me want to learn this more!! I say go for it and if you dont get a deal at E maybe you could get it published in a mag or on reel magic and at least get some bragging rights. (assuming marlo hasn't already invented it :D)
I'll say you should do your research and rethink your percentage.
I support The concept has been explored before by Jerry Andrus ( The Amazing Change ), exact change has been published by Peter Duffie. Check this out:

In other words, re-publishing wont be a very ethical thingy.However, this is not to let you down. Congrats on creating this excellent change, be happy about it. Reinventing the wheel is very common in our art, and while can be annoying sometimes, but its never a negative thing. :)

Keep thinking man!
Jul 2, 2008
i want 2 sell it on ellusionist

Oh god.

I agree with some of the other guys, I don't think E would attempt to market something that is so close to something else.

Plus, I don't know, something about the change isn't sitting right with me. The initial change is cool, but then your hand is just left sitting there, killing the climax with the cleanup. What makes this change any smoother than an Erdnase?
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