Not a good fit for the wire?

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  1. So yesterday I submitted an effect. This morning I look at my email and I see that it is declined. The reason: It is not a good fit for the wire. What does that even mean? If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it.


  2. Man, This performance is bad, to be honest.Polish the effect and try again.


    Fran Dc
  3. A helpful tip may be to have bright lighting all around so it doesn't look so dark. Other factors which I can't accurately judge but could be the problem are: Price, Explanation, and Grammar (or something else entirely). I must say the trick is decent but the key to magic is theatrics, make your trick look top notch and it should be approved.

    Also try ask the support team, maybe they can get an explanation from the review board.
  4. Hey Alex,

    Some tips I can give you is that the effect right now is just a trick; there is no routine to go along with it. There are also flashes of the gimmick throughout the performance and some hesitation with doing secret moves. Like Fran DC said, with more practice and polish, the effect will get better with time. It's not a good fit right now because there is nothing else other than a basic trick and no routine. It is also recommended to film a performance where it's not so zoomed in and up close on your hands. Film the performance/explanations in HD in a new setting. Having the camera zoomed in with a bright light glaring off your hands is not an ideal preview video. It is also nice to show the person behind the trick; talk and introduce yourself, get people to know who you are rather than know your hands. Like I said earlier, this effect definitely has potential to be on The Wire; the idea is there, it's just not complete yet. This is why it wasn't a good fit just yet, as it's not ready to go up.

    Hopefully this clears things up. Let me know if you have any more questions :)
  5. Thanks very much for the tips guys! I really do appreciate them. I'll work on it. Oh, and Casey, should I perform for a real spectator?

  6. Do not think in only selling thins on The Wire, try to be a better magician and practise a little bit more, Do not rush my friend.


    Fran Dc
  7. (Sorry I'm not Casey but I would say)
    You don't have to. Most tricks on the wire are done solo, tricks that are done with more than one person in the preview (like the kind theory11 produces) can be hard to film. I would suggest taking a look at some of the previews on the wire and note down common denominators.
  8. Getting performances in front of spectators and capturing their reactions can be helpful for your video when done correctly. If it is a shaky camera or the audio is bad, it won't enhance the preview video at all (it actually might make it worse). Production value is also a part of the criteria, so make sure the editing is spot on and it is clear to see what you are doing/explaining. You don't have to perform for a spectator in your preview, but my advice is to perform this effect in front of real audiences before shooting a performance and explanation video for The Wire. See how real people react to it, and work on your trick from there. For example, putting up an effect I just thought of a week ago would not be a good idea at all. I would have no real world advice for the buyers of my trick, so I would be doing a disservice to them. To make your effect stand out from the rest, all of this needs to be considered. Putting up a trick just to put up a trick should not be your goal. You have a great idea; it just needs a lot of work before you can take it to the next level. Practice, practice, practice, then perform, perform, perform, and repeat the cycle until you are fully confident in your effect.
  9. Thanks again guys! It is really nice to know that all you people are trying to help me. I'll work on it, and I will try harder. I just think that it is amazing that there are these kinds of forums where magicians help other magicians. Thanks!


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