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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr.MadMan, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    I have officiali almost finished my homepage.
    I have some minor adjustments to do (eg. killing Internet Explorer)[Both 6 and 7]

    Anyway, here it is for testing:

    You cannot send me an email because Wippiespace does not support PHP(never ever use wippiespace for your homepage, its quite good for keeping your things in it, 500mb free). Im updating the Media as we speak(still havent found a nice design for it, i actually just found the Lightbox application that actually works and looks nice).

    So let your little Critisism bombs away....

  2. Awsome design bro.
    Really like the buttons and the theme.
    But why ... wpiipiespace .. why not get a better service provider ?

  3. Haha, because my old one closed my site. Im currently in works on getting a .com site.

    Niiet jah, wippiespace on kõigest ajutine lahendus!

  4. Looks great man!
    I'd just suggest going over and editing all the written stuff, there seems to be a few typos. Such as, 'Mindreadign' and 'Wel'
  5. Really good, liked the design, but one tiny thing, you mis-spelled mind-reading on the "main" page, but nice design, very well done.
  6. I will be going over everything that comes to text.

    Thanks for pointing those out!

  7. You misspelt misspelt ;)
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    The overall design is very nice. It's easy to navigate, no clutter, and covers all bases.

    In the 'Who is' box there was at least one spelling error. "Mindreadign".

    I also found it bland and hard to read through. It sounds forced to me. I'm guessing english is not your first language.

    If I had to rewrite it:

    Just a rough draft, if you want you can PM me and we can discuss it.

    The promo video, while fantastic in and of itself, did not make me want to hire you. Get a good, high quality, performance video of one of your mentalism effects and maybe one or two sleight of hand tricks. The key is audience reactions; think David Blaine specials. The most memerable tricks are the ones where the audience is freaking out.

    And I think you should chose a title, either magician or mentalist. You can still do both, I just think picking one or the other to be identified as would be a better selling point. When a customer asks what you do you can tell them straight up, I'm a mentalist-go into explaining if it's needed (or vice versa).
    I would suggest magician and when asked what kind of magic name mentalism first, then whatever else you specialize in (parlor, close-up, stage..etc...)

    I'm in love with the design, you don't need any help there, but a webpage is no good if it doesn't make people want to hire you.

    Just my two cents

  9. Hey,

    i will be contacting you shortly :)

    My promovideo is still in production that was just put there just so i could see what dimensions it should be in and so on.

    I will be looking into changing the Magician/mentalist title to either one.

  10. Some of the content titles go under the text; you need to add a padding-top value to the text areas so there aren't any cross-overs of images/text.

    An example of what I mean is on your main page; the your phone number needs to be moved down a little. And on the About page, as well...

    You might also consider removing the annoying standard blue border on the image links. (Media).

    Just use this:

    <style type="text/css">
    a:link {
    border: 0; }

  11. You are using Internet Explorer i assume. Its has a problem with my absoloute positioning i´m making a new sylesheet for IE. I have set the over, clicked and so on states for links but explorer cant seem to figure that out.


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