Nothing in Transit!

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Chr!s, Apr 3, 2009.


    Everyone should check out Dave Forrest's latest piece, nothing in transit. One of the coolest handlings for moving hole effects I've seen in ages!

  2. nice!.. but it is already sold out.. any other site that still sells this effect?
  3. Nahh, Dave's newletter circulated this morning sayin that he had only twenty copies left and he would take a while to get more as they're awkward to manufacture, as he makes all props by hand. Guess we're gunna have to wait!

    Good though innit?

  4. very nice indeed.. guess we just need to wait for the next batch.

    its a killer. :p
  5. That's an amazing routine. I'll be waiting for this one.
  6. -I have to agree, this effect looks pretty sweet.
  7. I cant find it on his page but would love to see a demo vid!
  8. It's no longer on there as it's sold out. I can tell you that it looks even better in person than it does on video! A truly awesome effect. I'm sure Dave will re-release it at some point but that will probably be a long while off as the gimmicks are tedious to construct.

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