Now free for a limited time: Roberto Giobbi’s Introduction to Card Magic (150 page e-book)

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  1. Here's a great opportunity. Roberto Giobbi has just updated his excellent 150+ page book, "Introduction to Card Magic", which was first published in 2012, and sold for €9.95. For a limited time, he's making the newly revised version available as a free download from his website! Get it here:

    For those not familiar with Roberto Giobbi, he's one of the most highly respected teachers in card magic, and author of the famous Card College series. The e-book is completely free (for now), but if you like the book and want to give Mr Giobbi a thank you, you can do so via PayPal using the "Donate" link on page 154 of the book.


    This e-book is a must-have for anyone learning card magic. It originated as a course in the basic fundamentals of card magic, and teaches essential card handling skills like shuffling, cuts, and some basic sleights and flourishes, as well as half a dozen card tricks. It also has lots of accompanying photos, plus embedded links that take you to youtube videos featuring Giobbi demonstrating the techniques taught in the written text.

    I've been doing card magic for a couple of decades, but I still learned a lot by working systematically through this book. Bill Evans, a former president of The International Brotherhood of Magicians described this book as "It is the best beginning instructional course in card magic that I have ever seen!" I highly recommend it, and get it while you can!

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  2. Hell yeah, thanks for the heads up

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