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  1. Has any of you incorporated Geoff Lattas Nowhere palm into a 1 coin routine? It is great for the hanging coins plot but was curious to see how many of you use this palm on the regular. I think this is a beautiful vanish of a coin when done smoothly with the right subtlties. Also any one know how far back this was originated?
  2. This has basically replaced all of my finger-palming.

  3. If you use the nowhere palm in the context of a spider vanish its just about as good as a complete vanish if you ask me. I remember watching michael rubinstein do a spider vanish into nowhere palm with four coins (keep in mind that i knew what a spider vanish was and i knew what nowhere palm was, but had never seen them used together) and i genuinely thought he had used some kind of hold out or pull to vanish the four coins completely.
  4. if you dont mind me asking, where is the nowhere palm taught and does anyone have a vid of it being used? sounds intriguing.
  5. What is "nowhere palm"? :)
  6. I'd like to know as well. It seems maybe a new thing that's being hyped up.
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    i sincerely doubt that its a new "hyped" move. Its Geoff Latta, not exactly a new artist rest his soul. Im more curious where its published or taught. It sounds so familiar, maybe its somewhere in my collection... i guess i'll go back though everything.
  8. It is actually taught by Eric Jones in Mirage et Trois. Thats where I learned it.
  9. Same here,
    although some friends at a local convention showed me a few more applications....

    i would be interested in seeing other people's routines using the palm...
  10. THATS WHERE I HEARD IT!!! he taught that routine at his lecture. Thank you very much. now i just have to go back over my notes from that lecture and find it.
  11. Before I saw Latta do this, I saw Gary Kurtz do it. Magic owes so much to Gary so I don't want to sound disrespectful, but his hand looked constipated when he did it. The muscles & tendons in his hand looked tight. It looked unnatural to me. I was not familiar with the hold so I wasn't looking at it from the perspective of someone "in the know." But I knew something wasn't quite right.

    So... I played with the move a lot over the years and tried to find justification for opening 3 of my fingers wide while keeping two of them curled.

    The solution? A snap. I naturally open my thumb, index, and middle fingers in preparation for a snap. To open them after the snap is a natural, matter-of-fact gesture. I believe this is a strong way to use this.

    And, if you want you can snap again and make the coin appear a-la Doug Wick's snap production.

    Hope this helps...
  12. Thats a good idea. Nice application for it.
  13. Peter,

    People's hands look constipated in this grip when they TRY to hold their fingers apart.

    Honestly, you don't need a space between every finger to make this grip effective. That's your inner magician telling you that it'll convince people you're not finger-palming. :p

    Just have a relaxed hand.

    Fundamentally, it's a better grip than fingerpalm, as it allows access to both the top and bottom of a stack held in the grip (just like in edge grip).

  14. Scott,

    I totally agree with you. I am simply conveying my observational experience as I have seen it done.
  15. Yeah I found that relaxing the grip makes it look more natural. There are some good applications for this. Holding the coin in spellbound position and taking the coin with the other hand you crumble it into nothingness, very deadly move. I found that you can even transition back into classic palm ala Kaps subltey.
  16. im practicing nowhere palm, but im stuck, because i've trouble moving the coin(s) from finger palm to nowhere palm (without the help of the other hand). ¿Can you please help me here?, because Eric just show one way to move the coins from one hand to the other hand and leave them in nowhere palm, but doesnt show more options, applications, and ways to move the coins from one clip or grip to nowhere palm.


    ... oh, by the way, to make look more "natural" the nowhere palm, i just turn palm up the hand with the hiden coin and with the other hand i scratch the palm of the hand to visualy say (and show) "my hands are empty" in a more natural and not too obvious way.
  17. ?What? It's 4.30 in the morning and I'm very drunk,but WHAT? Can u explain more clearly. It sounds like you don't know what your talking about.
  18. Ok. I got some sleep and I kinda understand you now lol. I thought Eric does show how to transition from fingerpalm to nowhere palm with a single coin. Other than that, I don't think there are many other ways to get into it one handed. Especially with multiple coins.
  19. the now where palm, has really changed my approach to stand up coin magic, whenever i find myself if the desired position, i surely use it. its more open than finger palm, and gives a very convincing empty look, its also great to use with Eric Jones' Enigma move
  20. Hey Ryanbliss can you tell me where the E-Nigma move is taught?

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