Number Prediction Effects?

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  1. I am looking for a good, clean numbers prediction... like lottery prediction effect for a stage performance. Does anyone know of any books, or DVD's that has a good source for something like this? I have Some Tricks by Anthony Owens but I can not get my hands on some of the things needed for that.
  2. Are you looking for a before hand prediction (eg. prediction is made before the show, number is thought of or w/e and prediction is taken out of box or wherever it's been stored) or an on the spot prediction (number is thought of, you write something down, number is named, you turn pad over)? For the second, Technique sounds perfect as Gustav mentioned. The first is harder but a swami gimmick and a good switch could do the job. There are probably better ways of doing it; they were what immediately sprung to mind. Alternatively, find a good force (psychological or just standard) and use that.
  3. Thanks guys. I know about all those already. I have been looking for something a little different. Thanks for all the help. Back to the drawing
  4. Natural Lottery by Anthony Owen

    Hi Dayton,

    This my first post to the Theory 11 forum.

    You might be interested to know that I have exclusively licensed my Natural Lottery effect (which you mentioned above) to the folks at They now sell it complete with all of the necessary props and bonus previously unreleased ideas by Michael Weber, Bill Herz and I. These ideas enable you to show the audience the spectators' freely selected numbers on the printed lotto ticket and hand the ticket to a genuine spectator as a souvenir.


    Anthony Owen
  5. Marc Spelmann has a nice one on his DVD set.

    Are you actually trying to predict the lottery winning numbers of a real lottery or the numbers that the audience gives you.

    The first one could be done with something like postmentalism and the latter should be done via a add a no. pad.
  6. For the record my version, 'Natural Lottery', doesn't require an Add a Number pad. The selected numbers are openly called out by the spectators. I understand that my effect inspired the version performed by Blaine in his last special.


    Anthony Owen
  7. Wooow..Thanks

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