Nursery Rhymes 3

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  1. Hey,
    Here I go,

    Final approaches to "antiquated moss-covered ruses"



    TiVo Transpo


    The DMB Spread Control

    Shuffled Aces


    Bottom Deal Daley

    Card To Mouth

    Card Across

    The Thriceinator

    Lay Down and Spread'em

    BONUS EFFECT: The TG Deck Flip with a special contribution by TG Murphy.


    TiVo Transpo:

    We all know this effect.
    I prefer it to TiVo 2.0 but that's just me personally.
    The method is quite hard but easier than TiVo 2.0.


    Now called Realtime, this is one of the coolest Ace productions I have ever seen.
    For a clip of it look in the 1-on-1 section.
    It isn't too hard but it has to be REALLY smooth to look good.

    DMB Spread Control:

    Such a cool control, but so annoying to get smooth,
    they provide you with two variations in this pdf as well as some cool tips.

    Shuffled Aces:

    Wow what a cool Ace production, not hard at all really.


    Alot like De Ja Vu,but with only one selection this is quite a hard trick.

    Bottom Deal Daley:

    Kind of a wierd trick.You need to be able to do a certain something.

    Card to mouth:

    What a cool trick. Not too hard but one move will need practice to make it look natural.

    Card Across:

    Such a cool trick, I was so annoyed that it dosent teach you the main move.:mad:


    A false table cut.

    Lay down and Spread'em:

    An ace production that uses a table and Lennart Green's Top Shot ( not taught:( ).

    T.G. Murphy's Reverse Mid-Air Triple Cut
    a.k.a. Deck Flip.

    We all know this and there are some cool variations taught as well.


    I am very pleased with this I'm just annoyed with the fact that you can't learn Card across unless you know something else.

    But you also learn the Duck Change and the Flippant Change.

    For around £7.50 ($15) this is amazing.:cool:

    Please comment and give tips for my next reviews:D.
  2. All this its in the trilogy, excepting transpositionings (you can watch JordanLapping performing it on youtube)..
  3. jesus transpositionings is a sick trick
    the molecule cut production is so vicious
  4. You got that right.

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