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  1. Anyone have any strong routine ideas that use NW boons etc? Just wanted to hear any thoughts on this other than the simple reveals......I'm going to write something down now think of a 2 digit number look it matches...... Not that this isn't strong or very impresive just wanted to know If you have any thoughts/routines/ideas or other uses for this wonderfull tool..

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    I close my walkaround set with the first trick from Corinda, which is basically exactly what you said.

    But I mean, if you're thinking about NW, they are really only there for one purpose - the only way to diversify what you're doing is to diversify the context in which you do them - i.e. presentation. Ultimately, however, you will always be using the NW for its intended purpose. It will always involve a reveal. It's how you dress it up to make it meaningful, which is what I tried to do in my routine, that matters. I certainly don't just have them name a number and reveal it. That's what happens, yes, but there's a lot more going on than that.
  3. I think the strongest things in magic are the simple things. There is nothing wrong with what you just said but as praetoritevong it is how you dress it up that makes it. If you find a presentation that fits your style, thats what is strong. You should be able to get some good ideas from Step 1 of Corinda's 13 Steps.
    Richard Osterlind also has some really good thoughts on using the NW.
    It is just a tool...you are the one who has to make it strong, interesting and astonishing.


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