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  1. Hi guys, so here’s my review of Odyssey by Lloyd Barnes.
    ‘You’ll learn 20 of Lloyd’s uniquely visual, direct and practical effects. All of this is taught in expert detail, including professional tips, tricks and nuances learnt from years of performance and refinement.’

    First of all, I’ve got to say the packaging for this double disc DVD project is insane.

    Now that I’ve said that let's get on with why I enjoyed the project. I love these DVD's for these reasons,

    1) Visual Magic
    2) Simple to follow tricks that make sense to spectators
    3) Full of Impromptu tricks and ones that can be set up on the fly

    Through watching the DVD’s, I learnt genuine working material with tons of ordinary objects that I can use whenever I choose.
    Basically, I’ve just armed myself with material I can perform on the fly in all kinds of situations.

    Rubber bands, coins, playing cards, mugs of sugar, straws, notes all on one DVD.

    The Glass penetration: no doubt about it, the most visually stunning trick on the DVD. Looks perfect
    Slow Mo Card Sandwich: Smart, Simple, Visual.. I’ll use it
    Only 2wo: Left me completely fooled, it’s a visual copper silver with just two ordinary coins.
    A straw through note: Loved the simplicity of the method, and the handing that leaves the spectator convinced the note and straw are completely un-gimmicked.

    There’s also a few tricks, such as his rubber band work and card sleights, that are fun to practice and good to know.

    This DVD, in my opinion, is a safe bet. There’s something for everyone. You will definitely find tricks you will enjoy practicing and performing.

    Also, if you feel you’re not too confident performing with nothing on you. This is great, 20 visual effects with objects you can find anywhere.

    Cheers Guys.
    I'll try my best to answer any questions.


  2. I started watching Odyssey last night, great production value, thorough teaching and great tricks! Looking forward to getting through the rest of the material!
  3. speaking of lloyd barnes does his torn and restored effect on the wire use a dupelicate?

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