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  1. I am interested in getting into ring magic. How easy is Odyssey to learn? I want to use that as an interim solution until I can get Circuit down. Thanks.
  2. Well, the gimmick does a lot of the work for you which is nice. There is some work to be done though to keep everything smooth. Ring magic is highly subjective. Different hands work with different rings and different effects. I think that if you bought Odyssey you'd be happy with your purchase.
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  3. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Odyssey is easily one of my most favorite Theory11 tricks. Not only is it easy to learn, but it is fun too! Any questions, just ask ;)
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  5. Odyssey has been the next trick I have been looking at to buy to have something I can do outside of card magic. It looks great, I just keep reading reviews and trying to see what people say about it
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  6. It is sooo worth it, buy it as soon as you can
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  7. I really like Odyssey. Once you get the handling down, it looks great even from your perspective
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  8. It is easy, but I've found that a LOT of people are hip to the idea of what's going on.
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  9. Is it angle sensitive or just the nature of the gimmick?
  10. Just the nature. Covering any angle issues is actually taught very well. The problem lies in the fact that it's just a bit too obvious for most people. It definitely is visually stunning, but I've very rarely been able to get away with it without someone knowing exactly what's going on.
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  11. I think I am going to go with Digital Dissolve.
  12. If you pair it with another ring routine and switch out the gimmick for a real one midway through, you can drop it in their hands in the end and they are left dumbfounded.
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  13. Multiple people we work with, including Calen, use this every day without any issue. A lot of this comes down to audience management. Not letting them burn your hand, not giving them reasons to suspect a gimmick, swapping out the gimmick for the real ring so you can hand it out if they question you. Also, the gimmick does have durability concerns. If you don't take care of it, it will stop working as well. We do offer gimmick packs for this trick, so if your gimmick starts looking different than the real ring we provide you can pick up a replacement on the cheap.

    // L
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  14. That's wild to me that someone knows what's going on because after watching videos I am still not 100% what the gimmick does!
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  15. I've been doing a bit of ring magic with a non-gimmicked ring that I used to wear. When I bought Odyssey, I also bought Reflex by Patrick Kun which includes a few impromptu tricks you can do with a normal ring. Like Maaz said, I'd start with tricks that can be done without the Odyssey gimmick, let them check that out and stuff, and then at some point in the routine switch it for the "special" Odyssey ring.
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  16. Yup. Or, what I do is, I already have the gimmick on, no one suspects anything. I go through 3 or 4 moves in Odyssey. I then switch it out for the regular ring using patter. I then perform parts of reflex and end by dropping the ring in their hand and flipping mine clean. They spend quite a while inspecting the ring, and get more baffled by the second.
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  17. Hey late to the discussion but I have a question. I have read somewhere that when buying Odyssey you should buy 1 size larger than what you usually buy. Any comments about sizing?
  18. I would suggest getting a size that fits over all fingers, including the thumb. I accidentally got a size to big. It makes doing the trick easier but it is too loose to wear everyday. If when measuring the size is in between 2 numbers, round up to the bigger size. Hope this helps.
  19. No, buy the size that fits your finger,

    TXI will send the gimmick one size larger, so that you can perform with it. So buy the size for the ring that it'll be on, because you'll want to be able to wear it, and a ring that doesn't fit would look suspicious, especially since you'll switch the real one back in for inspection.
  20. Well, I am confused.
    Which should I get?
    Get the size that fits my finger or get the ring one size larger?

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