Off Balance Transposition

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    Off balance transposition by Bill Goodwin
    Tell me what you guys think
    I know I need a little more work for some of the moves in the video, but when I do it live, I use different moves, which hides it better but it is harder for me to do it on the video.
  2. very entertaining
  3. I'm not a very big poster here,
    However, I wanted to wish you a job well done on actually performing the whole routine.
    I belive you, that it probably looks alot better live,
    However, if you go to perform it on camera, my only advice would be to slow down a bit.
    Let each transposition sink in, before moving on to the next one.
    It's not a race.
    Other than that, great job.

  4. That was... decent. Your overall presentation and performance was good and would work well in real life, but I think you rather rushed it in general. I also dont like the changes you made to the routine to make it easier. It is more prone to flashes from the changes that you made. Stick with the original method.
  5. Well each to their own preferences, I like my way better, but I'll give it a go next time when I try it out on someone.
    I feel I did rush it, cause for some reason when I was I doing it, my knees were shaking, but that never happen to me when I perform for other people.

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