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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by copperfield 14, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Alright every Friday someone makes a new 1on1 thread with people asking what they would like to see. There getting annoying so from now on this will be the new 1on1 thread. Whenever you want to discuss 1on1's don't make a thread, just make a post here.

    Oh and no arguing in this thread please.
  2. dude, give it up...
  3. Give what up. I'm just making this thread so people can post there 1on1 wants. For example. " I hope theory11 makes a 1on1 for gravity half pass". You can use any other thread for 1on1 that was revealed. But this is to stop the constant threads that were being made.
  4. One thread is better than hundreds the same, seriously.
    Now before it spirals into arguements and flaming...

    I'd like to see a few flourishes, not tons though.
    More cool everyday stuff like redline.
    Sleights, with suggested applications.

    I think the key is a balance. One week a sleight, the next a full trick...
  5. cameo by D+M
    or one handed pass
    maybe some flouishy color changes or double lifts
  6. better yet how about some rope tricks?
  7. some mentalism.

    maybe a simple pk routine, I dunno.

    advice on how to start working in magic and how to get your name out their as quickly as possible
  8. I want Richard Sanders to make a 1 on 1. Although i'm not sure if any of the theory11 staff is friends with him. Other than that i'd hope to see:

    One Handed Popover
    More flourishes from Andrei
    Basic coin magic
    Other forms of magic (ropes, handkerchiefs, scarves, matches, food, bills, sponge balls, etc.)
  9. Def. things with ordinary objects, like Redline.

    OOh, PK sound nice too.

    And last but not least, FLOURISHES! :D
  10. i want some flourishes from andrei or anyone else some more sleights/gambling techniques and stuff like that
  11. I would like a 1 on 1 with yet more gambling techniques :p

    I constantly get comments along the lines of: "I wouldn't want to play cards with you." or "can you cheat at poker?". It would be nice to say: "here, ill show you what I can do. Lets play a round." and then blow them away with the aces or something. (basicly, if are any no setup routines out there, i'd be very glad to see them in a nice 1 on 1. :>)
  12. A 1on1 on the classic pass would be nice, aswell as some palming techniques.

    Maybe some usefull sleights that is original of some Theory11 member.
  13. An effective card prediction would be nice. Like a mentalism "think of a card" kind of thing.

    I would like to see more from Chris Kenner's totally out of control :)
  14. Anything from Jason England(bottom deal bottom deal bottom deal)

    One Handed Popover

    Gravity Half Pass

    Some original flourishes from Andrei.
  15. He's releasing a whole dvd on that book. Be patient
  16. It would probably take a DVD to explain the Gravity Half Pass properly.
  17. Well the last 2 dvds have been almost as long as some dvds so it's possible. I want something from Andrei and something from Kenner.
  18. Now that Mr England is around, I'd love to see him teach a centre deal (the original Kennedy one, or, if it's allowed, Fred Robinson's). Also, some riffle shuffle work would be really interesting, given that most of the good stuff is in Karl Fulves manuscripts that I never win when they come up on eBay.
  19. toothpaste tricks from danny garcia
  20. i think you mispoke... but i got the meaning. i dont think it would be wise for kenner to do any until just before TOOC comes out, sort of build up hype around his work again with tricks not from the book and then release it. Andrei might be next but for all we know he is in the works with a project himself... i just dont think they will do the GHP in a 1-on-1. its like aaron's bread and butter and the main reason people buy his book. its a great book but thats the biggest reason in my opinion. he's not gonna take something away from his own work.

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