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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Aris.SA, Jul 7, 2008.

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    If you are open to battle, do you want a battle but dont have anyone to battle with? then post it here :) Please dont make another thread about this.. And I hope Richard put this as a sticky :p

    To keep the idea lets just post here WHOS OPEN TO BATTLE, and rules maybe? then use PM, this is just to know who wants to battle,
  2. I'd put this in the general thread, seen as it isn't just cardistry battles.

    I'm up for a battle though :p.
  3. Would anyone like to have a magic battle? Maybe one or two tricks in specific?

  4. To a cam or to an audience?
  5. Either, but I'm going to need at least a week to film.

  6. Just a thought, (using Aris.Sa and Squirrel_Magix's conversation as an example), when you ask for a battle, PM if you would like to battle the one asking for one then edit your post with "closed" to tell everyone you have a battle partner. Just an idea to keep this thread clean of only battle postings.

    P.S. Aris.SA please put this in your post after the thread move and delete my post please.

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    Does anyone want to do a best self created effect battle? I'm up for it and it will have to be performed in front of an audience to prove that it is actually good.

  8. Yes, that is a good idea, and I was about to PM him anyways. =P.

  9. Ok man, the rules are: The cards cannot leave the sigh of the cam, NO AUDIENCE, the quality doesnt matter, just THE TRICK, editing doesnt matter, just titles and credits thats it, and color correction. ONE TRICK in front of the camera, NO PATTER, no talking maybe 5 sentences WRITTEN, and the vid must be less than 70 seconds...
    yes or no?
  10. Why are you editing? Also, PM me.

  11. Anyone, bring it on.
  12. mwaha :p What rules do you want?
  13. anyone wanna battle? NO rules.
  14. challenge: craziest vertigo hackysack
    rules: 1 week, no extra marks for editing, be creative, go for height, cleaness, etc. in fact, no editing whatsoever.... whos up for it?
    PM and i will edit post with 'CLOSED'
  15. filth,

    I dont think its very fair 'Battling' two artists, and giving them only 1 or two days to do their video...

    Infact I dont think any Artist Battles should be sent unless asked via PM with the Artist themselves.
  16. Anyone up for a flourishing battle? If anyone's interested, I'll post up some rules.
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  18. Anyone up for a one day deadline most invisible classic pass battle?
  19. I'm ready for a battle.
  20. Cory,

    I will once I beat Jake :)


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