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  1. Not really official but you get the picture. Since CCC was announced there will be be alot of threads about people asking for teammates, so this thread is just for that. If you want a partner than just make a post in this thread stating your requirements, skill level, etc. Maybe someone might pick you up;)
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    If we get to pick our own music in this contest then I would have to say that I listen to and flourish to alternative, rock, and metal.

    As far as skill goes then I would have to say that I am probably at intermediate level and can do all of the flourishes on the Trilogy,I am trying to smooth out 2 of them still. But, I really like to create my own flourishes and I am constantly trying to create new ones!

    I obviously know all of the basics of flourishing too.

    pm if you want to form a team with me! I live in Iowa by the way
  3. Actually we did get to pick our own music but it had to be royalty free or we had to get the permission of the artists. Anyway, it's a good thing. We don't want to hear "Poker Face" or "Just Dance" in the contest vids xD
  4. im in, but i don't have any partners.. anyone? :D
  5. you me and zeedub?l
    lol, when I asked you if you were doing this I was asking if you want to join our group. Zeedub is a awesome editer. :D Also check your VM's while your reading this.
  6. Come on man, you have been practicing for 3 months, please, step aside and let the guys do their stuff, don't want to bring you down, but please...
  7. I'd be glad to be the editor for any of the teams.
  8. I've gotten better, here's a link of something to show you. Nothing special or anything but something quick to show you.

    It's the video on the front page.
  9. Mmm, I actually was expecting better, but really, practice more and compete next year, choppy J5 and slow mo charlier-like cuts are nowhere near the level of some of this guys flourishes.

    I hope you understand.
  10. Alright, I'll put something better. lol
  11. No man, its not about putting something better, Its about learning your place, I have been flourishing for about a year now and I don't consider myself even close to those guys, I know that you are actually happy about this, but you have to mature and take this as something serious...

    If you REALLY love the art, prove it then, and practice.
  12. chill man.
    the CCC is made for everyone that does cardistry at all levels. doesn't matter if their J5 is choppy and etc.
    this competition is made to increase cardistry in T11 & just overall promote it more and if someone has a like for flourishing, why not let him enter; no need to discourage someone from entering if he/she wants to...

    who cares if he isn't on the level as the other people that are competing...
    it's all about creating a group with other people who has the same interest in flourishing and just having fun with it
  13. You havent been around the forums lately dont ya?

    I understand your point, and I truly encourage it...but......
  14. i've been around longer than you have.
    i may not have 900+ posts but i've been here longer than you have.

    but what? speak your mind all opinions are welcome

  15. Nevermind, you made your point Ill just see how all this unfolds.
  16. and I'll work on my J5, lol.
  17. Well, I was gonna say something, but I suddenly have a feeling it wouldn't have gone over very well. Just for the record however, i'm on the same boat as RDC on this one.
  18. The same for me, I'm in a Intermediatte lvl but with some unique moves, and I still don't have a team, , to talk to me just add me on:
    skype: stluiz1
  19. Yea Wilson said it, no need for any hostility, if someone wants to join don't discourage them. RDC, I doubt the guy is entering to come first place, he's entering to be part of a competition and part of the community, let him have some fun.

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