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    Long time goers of Theory 11 have all heard of the chats we love to have, but recently they have been nonexistent. Sure we can chat on Tokbox, but we haven't had any REAL community chats in a long time!

    So now we are bringing the chats back. Originally, these chats were started and hosted by Justin Miller. This past year though, Justin has moved on to other projects, and is no longer running these chats.

    Right now, we don't have any official rules, days, or times for the chats to go on. This will be changed shortly. I'll also try and work on getting some guests in the chats for future events. We'll see what happens. Enjoy the screens below from our past chats. Hopefully we can get the spirit back into these that we once had.

    Here we can see Justin Miller showing us the beauty of what appears to be a Big Mac.

    Andrei Jikh doing something funky with cards.

    Everyone say hi to.... ZACHMONKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (While Andrei does some sort of Jedi mind trick...)

    Step by step instructions on join these chats will be posted shortly. Check back to this post for details within the next few days.

    These chats are not run by Theory 11. They are run by its community. These are by no means "official" Theory 11 chats. This is just the thread to post about them in. These unofficial community chats.

  2. These chats are freaking AMAZING. and some people do perform some amazing magic that will blow your mind! (No, not only justin)
  3. I haven't missed a chat since these have started.. I love these things.
  4. The chats are great! I've enjoyed every one of them! :)

    Also, I concur, there is some great magic to be seen (not just by Justin...although, he obviously shows his amazing skill on there, too). I'm thinking of a certain two card transpo. :)

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there! :)
  5. It is mostly Justin though. xD

    Seriously guys, these chats are so much fun. :) Come check 'em out at least once, chances are you'll get hooked and keep on comin'! :D Hope to see you there.

    - Sean
  6. Alright I'll edit the post a bit. ;) Haha. I missed a few chats. =P The only chats I've been in, only Justin shows his stuff.:rolleyes: Glad that changed.

  7. Nah man, people are usually always showing their ideas. It's really fun to see what other people create and it's a great place to get immediate feedback from your peers and even Justin. :)

    For instance, MichaelNasello pretty much created an effect on the spot and worked together with Justin who has now turned it into some fierce monster of a sandwich effect.

    Justin asked us for thoughts on one of his upcoming effects too, so it really is kind of a fun place to be where we all hang out - show and share magic, our thoughts on magic and generally have a good time. :)

    - Sean
  8. I as trying to get on there about 2 weeks ago and was having a heck of a time with stickam.
    Dizzi was trying to help me out but it was to late. Is it running pretty smooth now?
  9. Do we have to make an account to chat? How do we use the site?
  10. Yes, you have to make an account. Just go to and it'll be self explanatory for making the account (I believe there's a "Sign Up" link in the top right hand corner, if my memory serves me correctly). After that, just sign in, and then click the link that Sin provided. You'll be there (assuming JM is there, so the room is open), easy as pie. :)

    As for the site's has its issues every now and then. It sometimes gets laggy, but overall it's pretty good.

    I hope that helps! :)

    Edit: Once you've clicked the link, you may have to click the area where you normally enter text and that will enter you into the chat so you can participate in the discussion (whether typing, or going on cam). (again, this is assuming JM is there so the chat is even running)
  11. The chat's are usually set to member only, so it is advisable that you create an account at stickam if you intend on joining in. :)

    - Sean
  12. From my experience in the chats with JM, we have not had a single bad experience. (Maybe there was one when I wasn't there... but it was never went crazy when I was there.)

  13. There's been a few, in my experience. It's noticeable when a number of people drop, then re-enter the room all at the same time. But yeah, it was only a few times, so it's not something to expect every night. :)

    Also, the lagging is rarely makes a big difference, but you can tell it happens when the video chat is full and you can hear the time difference from other peoples' speakers. It's almost like an echo, heh. But yeah, it doesn't really affect anything. :)
  14. I made an account. Be there on friday.

    Edit: How do we join a chat?
  15. You just need to go to and if he's online the chat will be staring you in the face. :)

    - Sean
  16. Quick question... will there be cake?

  17. Because you requested it... I will make sure there is plenty of cake involved.

  18. Hehe I'm eating cake right now( not really).:p
  19. You did once, with Crease I think its called , its AWESOME
  20. He calls it Impromptorn as it's part of his "impromptu" Torn and Restored card.

    He has openly admitted however that removing the creases is an optional add-on and is not impromptu.

    - Sean

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