Official T11 Chat Thread \~\~\~\

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I'm really tired, and to tell you the truth, I only wanted to see who won the contest between me and DSTP. If he's not on then I am going to bed. Have a fun chat.
  2. ill be on for a bit right now. and for the next maybe half an hour.
  3. Is justin Live?
  4. whats goinge on ?
  5. ??????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. I'm bored out of my mind right now so if somebody wants to either make a room or go to the decknique mebeam room I'll join.

  7. Hey guys. JM can't come tonight. He's out in LA. I'm not sure about Friday's chat. I'll get back to you all on that.

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  9. Sorry that i was gone for a while, i had to mow the lawn and other things im back though
  10. Is the chat up tonhight
  11. idk justin might be trick or treating
  12. Justin;s in Californina
  13. ohh ****y anyone up for one
  14. your not live

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