Official T11 Chat Thread \~\~\~\

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. yeah i am, try signing in than it might work
  2. lol cm22 and stickam lolol jk buddy
  3. is justin going to be on tonight?
  4. Justin will, probably, not be online tonight. He is in California.
  5. anyone wants to chat
  6. My web cam is being kind of annoying. However, I can chat through text now if anyone wants.

  7. sorry i was on back on again
  8. So is there a chat 2night just wonderin, i might not be there depending on the time....
  9. i hope on his facebook he says he is home
  10. Is there one?

    Im home today, so can join in :)
  11. i'll be there if one starts tonight. I'm at work on the weekends so i can never make those ones
  12. does any one know when he will be on tonight
  13. JM has been busy in Cali lately. I think he just got home last night. I'll shoot JM an e-mail.


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