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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. i know he is home because of facebook but im just wondering when he will because i have school tommorow
  2. Should we just start one up?
  3. ok i did

    i dont know how long i can stay on though
  4. Hey guys,
    I have been swamped these past 2 weeks. We will continue the chats starting next wed.
    see you guys then.
  5. I won't be at the chats this weekend if there are any. I have a dance with the New England jewish youth groups. It is in Lexington, Mass.

    PS. If anyone else is there (probably not) I want to meet up.
  6. that sucks that justin wont be on. but at least he isn't leaving us for good
  7. Alright guys.

    JM should be on here Wednesday as he said before. Now you can all know the reason why he hasn't been in these chats for the past few weeks. ;)

    "Last week Justin Miller was on the set at Ellusionist studios and on the streets of San Fran shooting the long-anticipated M5 Tactical Street DVD. "


  8. Doug, I hate you.

    your a cool kid.
  9. What does that even mean, and how is he a tool?
    A tool is a hammer or a screwdriver, not a person.
  10. JM said it on one of his chats like 4 weeks ago.

    Copperfield/Jamal its old
  11. DannyT was being sarcastic. :p

    Anyway, the reason why DannyT said that was because on the phone a few weeks ago, we started getting into the conversation of the M5. We kept kidding about how the DVD was coming out soon. What do you know? It was announced today. I IMed Danny and told him to call me up. It was so funny. :D Danny planned on making a fake teaser video for the M5 as a joke because Brad said a few years back I believe that the M5 video was going to be made. So that's the story. Ah yes, that was fun indeed... Now I have nothing to play around with to annoy Danny. :( Poor me.

    Also, I told JM not to call me a tool in chat anymore because some people took it seriously...

    I was on the phone with JM while we were on Stickam and he was joking around by saying different things I wasn't actually saying and calling me a tool. Was funny at the moment. Then some people actually took what he said seriously because they can't tell the difference between a joke and something serious.:eek: So some people started calling me a tool on here. I told Justin in a recent phone conversation not to call me a tool or joke about me on Stickam anymore because some people don't know how to tell the difference between a joke and an actual fact.


    JM also never said he was making the M5 DVD in chat.
  12. Sigh yeah it's getting old:(
  13. thanks to urban dictionary...


    One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-esteem.

    That tool doesn't even know she's just using him.
  14. what i said was.."hey how many of you guys have an M5? ( you answered) and then I said " would you guys be interested in a M5 DVD? (you answered) I was asked about it privately and I said nothin.

  15. That... Is the truth.
  16. Just deleted some posts to help clear confusion of what happened. JM said what actually happened in a post above.

  17. Before anyone asks, we don;t know if there is a chat tonight or not. Justin isn;t replying to my messages.

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