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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. He made a post saying he wouldn't be on again until next Wednesday. There isn't one tonight.
  2. so are you going to be on tonight justin
  3. Justin is sick right now. He'll be on next Wednesday.

  4. its always some thing with Justin. Im sick, im in cali, the girl from last night wont leave bla bla bla.

    any ways im on now
  5. This is starting to get very lame.
  6. You know guys I started this a while ago so you and I could have a place to meet get to know each other and talk shop. I am a very busy person ( in life in general) and I have alloted time to share these nights with you...but sometimes it will not go that way every night so I call Doug and I tell him what is up so he can tell you. I do not leave you in the dark but I make sure you know something. However, this entitlement stance some have taken is way off base. I do the very best for you when I can but lately I have been super swamped with MANY projects. I will be back on wed night same when you come leave the "jump magic boy..jump.." attitude at the internet door.
  7. The girl from last night won't leave? I never heard that one before.:eek:

    Anyway, he actually was in Cali. I made a post earlier as to why. He was filming his stuff with Ellusionist.

    As for him being sick, I can confirm for you that he was. I was on the phone with him about something before Stickam came up. It was pretty important. He sounded like he was sick. I was the one who even asked him. He didn't say anything himself.

    Guy has to make a living, you know? It was nice for JM to even start having these chats. If it weren't for JM, we wouldn't have these at all. So JM missed about 3 weeks of chats because he's trying to make a living. So what? You are going to actually criticize him for that? Think about it.

  8. I think we're they ones who are losers for having nothing to do on a Friday night.
    The world doesn't revolve around us.
  9. Why do you call Doug for this, why not me? I'd forget anyways. But in all seriousness, these chats are a way to get to know other magicians and talk about magic, which is what we did. If he isn't there for some chats it doesn't matter. We can start a chat if we want to.
  10. Exactly. We don't even have to talk about magic. No one said we did. JM even said himself in chat that he created this for magicians to be able to just talk to teach other and talk about magic and even stuff non-magic related.

    I don't think anyone here has a right to bash JM. All that says to him is to not do stuff like this because being kind will only stab you in the back.

  11. When I say jump... You say "how high?" Get it? Got it? GOOD!

    Isn't it something that Justin is sick again? Or he had a serious accident and couldn't make it... There's always something with that guy. He's creating a brilliant piece of magic? I'm more important than that right mommy?

    You have a better heart than I do Justin. I'd just say "Hey, magic sessions are over because of your lude attitudes."

  12. You realize Justin owes you jack s***. He is being very nice by hosting these. If you feel he is your little monkey to wind up at your mercy, you are most certainly missing the point of these chats.

  13. sorry but i was supposed to come off as a joke, Justin is the man
  14. Yeah, just be careful because sometimes people don't share the same sense of humor. I took it as a joke if that means anything. But it was still a lude comment.
  15. yeah im sorry man.

    and im on again
  16. Going from a normal conversation and then joking without saying so is hard to detect. I have a sense of humor, but what I read looked completely serious to me.

  17. Cringe Magic... when aren't you on. It seems every time I look at this post you are online at stickam. JK, but you are on a lot.
  18. yeah, thats because im bored a lot, but i havent been on as much really, and when i do get on i have to leave for some reason a short while afterwards
  19. So does any one know if Justin is going to be on tomorrow
  20. Yes he will be on tomorrow.


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