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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Yes...I use my MacBook built in cam and it works fine on Stickam and Tokbox.
  2. Hey guys, haven't posted here in a while or had a chat, so anyone up for a chat tonight?
  3. So, summer is now over and school is back in business. ;) I need a little fun with you guys. We haven't done a chat in a long while. Whose down for Wednsday? :)

  4. Im down, WHERE tokbox or stickam? or wherever else.
  5. Not a fan of Tokbox for large chats. I'm down anywhere else.

  6. Tinychat?

  7. Is it really necessesary to have webcam?

    A coupe of members and me have been chatting on tiny chat, it does has webcams but they lagg bit.But the interface is friendly and easy to log into, there isnt need for an account or things of the like.
  8. Itricks has a wonderful chat with alot of people. You can even see The Kenners, Luke Dancy, and a few other famous magi there!

    It's found at

    You do need a password though, PM if you want it!
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    I'm down for wensday in tinychat!
  10. In chats, I think moderation is important.

  11. There can be moderation over tiny chat, the first joiner of the chat(or the creator) is the mod, you can create the chat and you can be the mod Sin.
  12. I don't care who the moderator is. As long as there IS moderation, then I'll be happy. Tokbox for example, is insane. 20 people with web cams = MASSIVE CAM FEST! No one will be able to understand what anyone is saying. Tokbox is great for small discussions. Once you reach past about 6 people though, it all goes to hell. Also, when you have people that say "brb" and decide to leave their computers for about 15 minutes while there are people who want to get on video, it can be unfair. That's why I want moderation. It doesn't matter who, but I just want it.

    Ok I'm done.:cool:

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    EDIT: Never mind, Nick is a good mod, and a really cool guy. Please ignore this post.
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  15. Alright guys, you people still wanna get do a chat tonight? And if so, what room and time?
  16. im in!

  17. I'm in how about Tallyho with no dash.

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