Official T11 Chat Thread \~\~\~\

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Ok, I'll need Doug to confirm if this is alright, but how how about 10:00 EST tonight in tallyho (with no dash) room?
  2. You don't need me to confirm. I don't run all the chats. It's a community thing.:p I'll see if I can make it. Tons of work. Sounds good to me though.

  3. Im probably in. :D
  4. Alright! 10:00 PM EST tonight! See you guys there!

    Also, are we going to stick with the old rules? (IE. you have to show a trick if you are going to be on cam ect.) And another thing, I think whoever is the room operator needs to set it to "control who can broadcast audio and video" so that when we get trolls, they don't get on cam..(I REALLY hope we get a responsible room operator...In fact, I may just get on right now and not leave the room, and when people get on I can make some other people room that I know will do a good job mods...)

    Anyway, I hope to see you all there tonight!
  5. My timezone is different than yours guys, so how much time till the chat?
  6. 40 minutes - maybe?
  7. Okay. Im looking forward to it.

  8. That is correct, the chat will be in 20 minutes now.
  9. Chat starts in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, I just have too much work on my plate today. PROCRASTINATION STRIKES AGAIN!!!!! Gotta read about 40 pages from my AP Government textbook tonight, and it's 9:40 PM where I am. Beautiful. I'll pop in when I'm done to see if you guys are still there. It will be a long while, so the chat will probably be over by the time I come in. I'm glad to know you guys are going through with it though. Post some screens afterward. I'll be sure to make it to the next one (unless it's on Saturday... I party Saturdays now...). :)


    EDIT: Just gave the thread a new title. I'm also going to edit the first post of this thread since Justin Miller is no longer affiliated with these chats.
  10. Just did some major editing to the first post of this thread. See below.

  11. Ok people, we are live...Well some of us are..come join us!
  12. Where are you at demon?

    I havnt done stickam for ages.
  13. We are on this time, not stickam. And I may be getting off soon, since no one is coming on..
  14. I cant get on!
  15. Okay im in. :) lets chat people !
  16. Thats what she said
  17. haha, no pun intended ;).
  18. I LOL'd at my comments. I miss the good days....
  19. Well....No one got on last night...FAIL.

    Mabye doing the chat on a school night wasn't the best idea. We should try again sometime though..
  20. Id say friday night or saturday night. Id suggest saturday, since the SNC is going to be on that day.


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