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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. That disappoints me. A lot of people went when Justin Miller was there. Makes me think about why people go into the chats.

  2. Does anyone have Skype or iChat?

    I'm on all the time with nobody to talk to, and I don't know any local magicians to collaborate with, so I'm stuck alone, so if anyone wants to add me to either one, I'm always down to jam

    Skype: Fields.Austin

  3. Im down the chat with you anytime dude!

    I added you.:D

  4. I got Skype. Never really on but who knows.
  5. got your invite bro, you've been accepted :) don't you feel special?

  6. I know like unbelievebly special:p
  7. well lets start a new one on tiny chat lets call the room theory11 here is the link commone we can make a new one start fresh and we can have lie set dates
  8. when? I can do tues and thursday around 3?

  9. anyone chattin?


  10. We haven't run these in a long time. I also really don't care anymore. People only came because Justin Miller was there. Now that he's not, the enthusiasm went way down. So if no one else cares, I won't either. I get angry every time I think about it. It's also why Justin stopped doing them. No one would perform for the cam except Justin. Then whenever he performed something, everyone would beg for him to reveal it. Then Justin stopped going to the chats for that reason, and then the chats suddenly came to a stop. Shows what kind of people I'm really talking to. So I won't try for these anymore. I'll leave it up to everyone else to do that.

  11. well think about how many people on these forums actually perform regularly, about 95% of these forums and the Ellusionist forums don't have any serious interest in what they're doing, so of course you'll get fanboys that want to figure everything out. It's sad but it's something you live with when you're in the art of magic.

  12. anyone wanna do a chat tonight or anything?
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    -stumbles across the t11 forums-
    -dusts the dirt off shoulders-

    It's been awhile...

    Hmmm..... -looks around- Glad to see Alot of the old folks are still here.


    Well.. Uh.. I'm gonna do some catching up on old threads

    Hello TDA And And just about everyone else who remembers me...


    Goodness! How could i forget you jack?
  14. I am on Tokbox right now if anyone wants to come in
  15. ok im on just hanging out if anyone wants to chat or just shoot the breeze. yes i still say that.

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