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  1. Hey guys, I'm kind of getting fed up on all these pick a card tricks(except for a couple) and I am looking for some effects(not single trick DVDs please...) that doesn't require for a spectator to pick a card. Just to give a better explanation on this(no it will not be in youtube) an example would be Reset by Paul Harris, Twisting the Aces, etc.

    I was also wondering if you guys also know a non-pick a card trick that deals with the whole deck? For another example, A Logical Lesson.

    Help is appreciated.

    PS. it can also be in a book with some pick a card tricks. Please specify the trick name and the source even if the source has other tricks in it.

  2. Sam the Bellhop is a great "trick" that uses the whole deck without having a card selected. Another great feature of this trick is that the spectator(s) are involved throughout most of the entire process. Great story, great trick. Look it up on youtube.
  3. Check out Kev H.'s Smooth Operations on the D&D website. Also try the Classic Magic of Larry Jennings and I believe that The Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher has a some pretty damn good packet tricks in it.

    My personal favorite packet trick is in Full Metal Jacket and is entitled Even Four More on the Floor. It's similar to Five Speed, only more impromptu (in fact, it's entirely impromptu).
  4. I honestly hate that trick lol. Too corny for my taste, but thanks for the suggestion though.

    I already have SO and FMJ. I am already planning to get Paper Engine. I was also planning to get Class Magic of Larry Jennings, but I've been told you mostly have to "fix" all the tricks there yourself or something and I am basically a follower not a leader. But hopefully I do get a chance to purchase it.
  5. I understand what you mean by "fix" the tricks, but I have honestly not encountered that problem. A few of them I've altered the handling on to fit me, but that's really it. I understand if you're a follow the leader type guy, but it may at least be a jumping-off point for you into a more involved relationship with the material you perform.
  6. Lennart..

    Try some of Greens stuff. ;)

    I suggest green magic 2 and 6!
  7. Yeah, I was gonna say Lennart Green's material, I dont think any of them are "pick a card" tricks, or maybe only a tiny few. His stuff is very unique and different, you should look into it.
  8. Look into oil and water routines, out of this world, gambling routines, Art of Astonishment is filled with non-pick a card tricks.

    I do have a question for you though...

    Are you sick of them or are your spectators sick of them?

    I've been doing the same 4 - 7 personal routines/effects for nearly 4 years now and I enjoy every minute of it. Why? Because it's completely my own. The patter, the jokes, the effects.

    Make the magic you.

    Hope I helped!
  9. I'm sick of them. I don't really perform a lot but if I did, I wouldn't go and do 5 pick a card tricks in a row.
    I don't really like oil and water effects because it totally bores me except for Ray Kosby's first phase of his oil and water. I don't like out of this world that much because there's not much going on. I am trying to start on gambling routines/sleights but not now. I don't own AoA... I might check into that later. The only reason I've been avoiding that is because I'm seeing lots of "butchered" up stuff from there in the Tube and I don't really like doing effects that a thousand people are already doing and being posted on the net everday.

    Thanks for the suggestions though. I will also look into Lennart's stuff since I do love to watch him perform.
  10. Never avoid the AoA. Ever.
  11. A great "non pick a card" trick is "Too Many Cards" which you can find, along with a lot of other high quality card and coin magic, in Dereck Dingle's Complete Works.

    A variation of this trick can be found in Larry Jennings' Classic Magic book, along with a massive amount of great material. I prefer the Dingle handling, but the Jennings book is my favourite of the two.

  12. Maybe you just need to change the way of the picking. I find that i can do quite a few pickacard tricks if there are a few people.
    I would usually do a pickacard trick, then gambling/oil and water/reset, then pickacard again, then back to some packet of pocket stuff, more pickacard and finish off with out of this world. Works like a charm.
  13. second the motion.

    Look into creating your own effects? Think of what you want to do, and then work backwards to how you can do it. It's one way to create.

    I'm currently pushing all my time into memorizing a stack...maybe that's the way to go?

    (Aronson's stack if anyone wanted to know) There's already material and tricks built in, and I'll probably build a routine around it.

    Ummm...Most of the other stuff I can think of(off the top of my head) has been said. Packet tricks, gambling routines...will edit if I think of anything though.
  14. Hey, if you want a relatively easy way of memorizing a stack that doesn't involve hours and hours of time, I'd strongly recommend Derren Brown's Tricks of the Mind. Not only does it have a great section on memory but it's just a brilliant book in general. Seriously.
  15. Man that trick ROCKS damn I love it :)
  16. invisible palm
  17. The way of picking cards? Lol the heck are you talking about? I'm just sick and tired of overall plain pick a card tricks.

    Like I said before, I'm a follower not a leader. I have tried several times coming up with my own stuff but it didn't work for me(in many ways that I'm not going to explain).

  18. Well, the rest of what I said could be applied. Aronson's Stack is one of a few that are very well known and after learning the stack order itself there are already dozens of tricks spelled out for it. Most of which are practically self working.

    Thanks, I'll look into it, I've been looking to improve my memory and am still not sure which book(s)/methods would be best to start with.
  19. Why the hell would you be sick of pickacard tricks anyway? There are a million of tremendous tricks based on picking cards so why not simply pick the best or create your own.

    It doesn't have to be cliche just because they pick a card.
  20. I'm not going to bother explaining again.

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