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  1. On behalf of the recent pandemic we have found ourselves I have began thinking about the most insane events to occur in my life. I began to realize how little things really are in the grand scheme of things. Especially in magic. I thought about all the controversy, and pain I've experienced in magic. I began to realize that at the time these moments felt LIFE CHANGING! However now I realize how silly and meaningless they truly were. I'd like to share them with you, but not with words. With photos. These photos mean a lot to me and bring back a million memories, however this won't be the case with everyone. These photos may mean... nothing. That's perfectly fine. IG that means you were busy doing something meaningful and productive:p. So without further ado here are the greatest biggest controversies and moments in my magic life... that meant nothing. Things that make you say... "oh yeah... kinda forgot about that..."

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  2. This seems so trivial now.


    OPRAH: Are you ever scared, like, for instance--I mean, I know--I mean, every--all of us who are in front of the camera or, you know, work in any business really are--survive and can look good because of all the people who work with us. But, I mean, in the case where the--the fire and the ropes, like if somebody messes up, you're a goner?
    COPPERFIELD: Yeah, I mean, human error is a really--you know, you have great precautions, you know. In the case of the car illusion I mentioned, it was the end of the show, so there's no plan B that I could go to. But normally there's a plan B and plan C and everybody is really trained to--to move in other directions, so you'll--hopefully you'll know when something goes wrong.
    OPRAH: So when that car fell from the levitation, what did you do?
    COPPERFIELD: I looked real stupid.
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  3. OPRAH: Do you ever worry about yourself in dangerous situations?
    COPPERFIELD: I--I do. Actually, I've done some--I mean, that thing with the spikes is real. I mean, that's really tough. I went over Niagara Falls on a raft.
    OPRAH: Yeah.
    OPRAH: I saw that on TV.
    COPPERFIELD: Yeah, well, that was me. That was no--that was no stunt double, you know? That was the real thing.
    OPRAH: So what are you thinking? I mean, I don't know what the moment before the spikes hit--I mean, is it that second that the illusion happens and you--are you thinking, `Hope this works,' or are you feeling very secure, that you know it's going to--what are you thinking in this moment?
    COPPERFIELD: You try--you try to preserve your sense of logic, not panicking. Being scared is good. Being scared makes you think of all the different, you know, situations that you--you need to be aware of. Panicking is the worst thing, because that's when you lose your sense of timing. You lose your sense of balance; you lose everything. So the thing is to not panic--is the best lesson that I've learned.
    OPRAH: So how did you learn to stay calm in those--those moments?
    COPPERFIELD: I have no idea.
    OPRAH: No idea.
    OPRAH: So like being chained underwater and stuff like that doesn't kind you no kind of...
    COPPERFIELD: No, I got hurt actually once in rehearsal. I was--I was in a tank of water and I took in--I tore some ligaments in my legs and I took some water in. And it was in a rehearsal, and I was in a wheelchair for a couple weeks. But finally I did it on the show. It was many, many years ago. And I got back on the horse and I did it again. My parents were in the audience and they kept shooting shots of my parents, and they won an Emmy Award that year for their performance.
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