Oil and water

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  1. What do you think of this handling? Feedback appreciated!

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  2. You should learn the one from Dai Vernons Inner Card Trilogy by Lewis Ganson. This is the way I do it , not the best audio but you get the idea...
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  3. @Dmezhkov - The handling looks suspicious. Something happens at :07 when you put the decks together. The subsequent display also makes it apparant that you are not showing all the cards. The discrepancy in the mixing of the cards is a little too apparant especially because you immediately follow it with the reveal. It also needs multiple phases.

    @Gabriel Z. - Your handling makes the method apparent. Every time you do a sleight you slow down your movements and appear to handle the cards more carefully.

    I love Tamariz's variations in The Magic Way and Rene Lavand's routine (Magic from My Soul?). Actually, Rev's version HERE is well done too.
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  4. Handling was good, needs work though as you could tell you're just separating the cards when you pull them to the side - and that's without rewinding the clip.
    The patter needs a lot of work, didn't feel engaging enough.

    As mentioned above, Tamariz's variations are awesome. I also recommend checking out Joshua Jay's Oil Through Water routine.
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  5. @Dmezhkov - Seemed kinda obvious to me. Is this your handling or did you read/see it somewhere else? Also, I love your close-up pad! Where did you find it/what make is it?

    @Gabriel Z. - Handling was little stiff, but you're nearly there. Liked that is also had a definite ending, a lot of O&W routines suffer from a lack of any sort of 'ta-da' moment for the final phase

    @RealityOne Thanks for the nice comments, but I really don't belong on that list! I'd say Rene Lavand's routine is my favourite. I was lucky enough to see him do it live years ago. Phenomenal stuff.

    For reference, my handling David mentioned is pretty much just Roy Walton's 'Oil & Queens' (from The Complete Walton). The only things I added were the mixing of the cards at the start (Roy's starts with them alternating) and the presentation/choice of cards which takes it away from the standard O&W presentation and allows a completely free and clean display at the end (Roy's doesn't).

    I like the Oil and Water plot and do believe spectators enjoy it. I believe the ideal structure is three phases, with a 'definite' ending. The real challenge is trying to find an ending that 'makes sense' in some way, as I am not a fan of just producing random coloured backs or something like that. The original Oil and Queens suffered from this problem, but the gambling presentation goes some way to make the appearance of the royal flush makes sense. Your mileage may vary...

    I recently came up with a version using just the aces, which is a three phase routine that ends with a Dr Daley-style in the hands transpo. Still working on it but might get a video up over christmas provided I don't end up in some sort of food induced coma...

    My favourite handling though is this:

    It took me about five years (seriously) to get this right and I love performing it. I have actually tweaked the handing since I posted this video so now it's completely self-working (yay!). I also have this written up as an ebook but haven't yet bothered publishing it. Maybe next year...

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  6. Here is my handling that only uses 4 cards :) Im a huge fan of the plot, but there is always some setup before the thing happens and it is hard to cover up.... Though you may not like the 4 card version, you may find some of my subtleties useful? :) Hope it helps!

    You can learn this here in the marketplace too if you like it :)
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  7. Damn, that was freakin' awesome. I kinda hope you do release it, then again, I hope you don't as it's one of those tricks that should be buried with you haha
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