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  1. How do you know when a deck is old and used? And how do you extend the life of your deck

    I see it when the deck isn't completely simetrical. And I always put them back in the box.
  2. It's old and used when you don't like the way it handles anymore. Simple as that. I've had people say that the deck in my hands looks and feels like crap, but it still works for me so I don't put it down. If it no longer feels comfortable for what you're doing, then pick up another one.
    As for keeping them nice, simply putting it in the box for a week or so so put some new life to it. Put some books on top of them also if your cards are warping.
  3. it can be kind of hard to tell at first but if you think your cards are starting to go..whip out a new deck and see how you like them compared to the deck you had been using..if they feel and handle better then switch decks..like the dr said putting the cards back in the box for a while helps to
  4. you can use a card clip, like the porper clip from ellusionist to keep them in good condition. I've been doing an experiment by putting some regular old bicycles in the freezer for 1 hour every other night. They feel a lot snappier for a while but it wears off fast... =(
  5. I never actually tried the freezer thing before, so I'm giving it a shot now, gonna see how it works
  6. A deck is old when you think it is old. haha
    Basically, if you dont like the way it feels and it doesnt seem as good as it was before, then its old. the point where you get fed up of it is up to you.
    Ways to extend a decks life:
    - try not to handle a deck with oily, wet, dusty, or dirty hands
    - try not to drop them / throw them as it ruins the edges and corners
    - keep them in the box when not in use as it prevents dirt, dust, and moisture
    - use a card clip or card press. It keeps them flatter than out in the open.
    - try putting a deck in the fridge, freezer, infront of an AC, or out in the cold for 10-30 minutes or so. It takes away some of the moisture and the cards will feel a lot better. But if you leave it in the fridge for too long, it gets soggy, so watch out for that.
    - use fanning powder for old decks, kinda fixes it up a bit
  7. I agree with sciffydof. I will use a deck until it is pretty close to completley destroyed. Clean hands and a clip or weigh is what i have found to be the best way to keep your decks in great condition. Never tried the freezer, works on hard drives, should work on cards.:D Eventally they will go bad however, so when i find they are past the point in which i use them. I give them to my step son (6yrs old) he loves it, and they get one more good run before they are lost to oblivian.:D

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