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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrianationX, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. I think Magic is getting more and more modern every Year
    Magic is changing and OldSchool magicians have to accept that
    When I was Younger the OldSchool Magicians Would often talk sh*t about what I was doing.
    They would say
    "dont do flourishes it takes away from the magic"
    "DO some comedy on your routines"
    "Your act is nothing without a good story ect."

    This OldSchool Magicians have to understand that their Magic is outdated and Old.
    THe kids dont want to listen to an old guy talk and talk
    they want to see some magic
    The OldSchool Magicians HAve their act filled with mouthGarbage
    Daniel Madison or D&D don't have MouthGarbage and that makes them better magicians (Tudor Too)
    THe mouthGarbage makes the OldSchool Magician A good story teller "maybe"
    But if people wanted to hear that they would go to a library.

    Old School magicians have to catch up too
    THe Modern Magician Does Flourishes
    If you cant do them then you are not good enough
    "can you do some crazy cuts mister"
    "you suck then"
    Laymen see flourishes as Super Skill
    I you cant do them and you are a great magician then you still dont have the skill.

    The future of magic is looking very good actually
    From now on everyone will take credit for the magic and they will drop all that useless MouthGarbage

    If you don't Agree then your an OldSchool Magician

    I know there would not be any magic without OldSchool Magicians
    I still do OldSchool tricks but without the mouthgarbage

    OldSchool MAgician- (this is ridiculous and full of mouth garbage)


    Modern (straight to the point & Showing skill)

  2. One time when I was a child this old magician gave me a "Magic Peanut", he told me that if I put it under my pillow before I went to sleep, it would change into $10. As I woke up that morning I eagerly threw my pillow to the ground in hopes of finding a $10 dollar bill, but all I saw was a peanut.. For the next few nights I kept putting the peanut under my pillow in hopes of getting my $10... I never got that $10... To this day I still hate that old man.

    It almost brings me to tears when I tell that story.
  3. You're crazy for comparing dan and dave with Michael Ammar.

    And learn some proper english before you post any more of your fingerGarbage.
  4. Micheal Ammar does not have mouthgarbage in that routine. Its called a routine.

    I couldnt imagine a Mentalist using a few words. I talk even more than Ammar.
  5. I rarely post here anymore just because I can't keep up with the sheer amount of posts/crap that is on here constantly. But, I will say:

    If you have ever seen Eugene Burger perform you will know that sometimes "mouth garbage", is a good thing. I get completely wrapped up in his words and magic, even though the magic is usually simple.

    Based on your un-organized post and grammar, I would take whatever you say with a big grain of salt. And an english class.
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    How much attention can a guy need?
  7. Go back 19 And 9 months
    And are you all OldSchool Magicians?
    I can compare an OldShool Magician and a modern one
    I wont take time to peer review my posts either
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    Enough to post the exact same topic over and over and over and over again with slightly different yet equally unorganized wording, evidently.

    So, back on topic, I'm sure I've mentioned before though a lack of patter works for some magicians, I'll often drop the speak and allow the actions to talk and the reactions to build, however it's all dependent on the target audience.

    Maybe if you're performing to magicians concerned with technical skill or I can see it most suited in a club environment, a minimalist approach to patter is great. However, I myself do alot of corporate gigs and If I was to wander around the place just sheerly performing magic I would NOT get the amount of repeat bookings I get.

    In that kind of situation it's the magician's job to not only entertain but to build rapport and get lots of people involved, talking to one another and keeping spirits up. By performing just flashy cuts you WILL NOT achieve this. I talk from experience.

    I've performed in the past without getting too involved with the spectators and 'allowing the magic to speak for it's self' but I came to realize over time that kind of approach is far from ideal.

    Like I say, maybe in a festival/club environment with loud music, etc, the less patter more flourish approach is the best way to go.

    To say this is the only way to go is one of the most naive opinions I've come across on these forums.

    So, In summary, in certain circumstances, your approach will be very well suited, however in other circumstances - the majority of circumstances the majority of professionals perform in, it is not.

    It's finding the balance between the 2 and working out what works best for every individual and every target audience. This is not a black and white debate, it's sheerly opinion based.

  9. "I think magic is getting more and more modern every year..."

    Haha, yeah, you're right, and also, breaking news, i get older and older every year. wow, you've really made me think!

    Look, I am anything BUT 'old-school' in my apprach to magic, but there is a NEED for script in magic.
    I'm sorry, but you need to STOP re-posting that same tired old quote. it's getting boring.

    I am not going to argue against you with any kind of tangible reasoning for two reasons. The first is, i've tried it, as have others, in the past and it didn't work. It didn't even stop you making (very) minor adjustments to your post and starting a brand new thread. The second reason is, I don't think I could word it in a way that you would truly understand anyway.

    For a nineteen year old guy, you sure do seem to have QUITE the adolescent man-crush there.

    But hey, you don't care about anything I say right? I'm just an old school magician talkin' crap!


    P.S, I'm sorry to the rest of you that I felt the need to stoop so low and insult, but I am sure i'm not the only one who is sickand tired of this guy.
  10. So what your saying.... I (and many others) suck because I (We) don't flourish?
    And I would hardly call myself 'old school', Ive only been doing magic for 2 and a bit years.

    You honestly sound like you need a slap round the face by someone like Gregory Wilson or Micheal Ammar. (Just to name two).

    And you've yet to post a video of your self performing. Please, show us what you do so we can see your 'greatness'. Then I'll start respecting you and listening to you.

    Cheers, Tom

  11. You compare Ammar and the likes of it to Dan and Dave? No disrespect to Dan and Dave, but this is just absurd.

    And "Modern magic" as you describe it, is just tricks then. But a trick without patter takes 1-2 minutes to achieve. Or even less. I find myself performing three effects in a routine and spending about 15 minutes. Of course I don't perform all the time, I give time for the reactions to settle and then talk about it.

    And watch your videos. What a bad taste. I mean you're doing card tricks and have all the drama (The music screaming Jesus Christus) like it's a serial killer scene about to happen. It would be much more enjoyable if you would just talk.

  12. BrianationX.

    Im sorry

    But you are just too crap

    to judge and badmouth other people's styles.

    Get as good as Brian Tudor

    before you criticize other people.
  13. What's up with the guy quoting every sentence said in Showoff 3 :rolleyes:
  14. I've tried, I really have, to find some semblance of logic and hope in your threads, but all I've managed is to find an elitist who wont even prove he has the skill he says he does. For all we know, Brian, you cannot perform what you preach.

    I'm going to say it once more. Post yourself doing your self proclaimed, "good magic, minus the mouthgarbage." Until you do, I recommend you stop making such useless posts.

    I will now pick apart your post, because I can.

    That's generally how things work.

    Old School magicians could still own you. Check out Juan Tamariz, Rene Lavand, or Lennart Green.

    As with all your other posts, you make up quotes to try and have your point seem more valid.

    So why do they continue to get bookings and great reactions?

    If you would, for once, forget about your MouthGarbage ideal, you would be able to see that this is, in fact, a statement comprised of 10% words, and 90% crap. Again, stop making assumptions. You still don't seem to understand this.

    And yet, I'd still rather watch the "OldSchool Magicians," as would many, many new magicians, young and old.

    I love how you turned your topic of "Old School Magicians" into another post about MouthGarbage

    "New school" magicians need to be respectful. I assume thats asking too much from you. You say you've been in magic for 10 years. It's sad to see that you have learned NOTHING all those years.

    HA! HAHAHA! I'm sorry, who appointed you to be the one to say who is and isn't good enough at magic?

    As far as I know, and from what I've seen, you can't do any flourishes yourself. Just sandwiches, and some video edits for a color change. Prove me wrong.

    And ANOTHER quote that never happened. Aside from being rude as hell.

    I'm just going to come right out and say this. You may be one of the most ignorant magicians I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. You refuse to see anyone elses opinion or views, accepting yours as the only right way. I'd love to see what happens to you when you hit the real world. I almost pity the day that happens.

    No they wont. You can keep dreaming, though.

    Again, who appointed you to make decisions for us all?

    We walk on the shoulders of giants. Would you go to DaVinci if he lived today and say "I can create 3D models on something called a computer which rival anything you could ever dream of doing. You're old school, learn to catch up. If you don't, you aren't an artists or good enough."

    Remind me again why you are on this board, and not Handlordz? Or are you there too, spamming that people who lack speed aren't good enough?

    Both are fun to watch. Ammar is amazing. You could only hope to achieve the level of admiration and respect he has.

    Good luck with your HandGarbage

  15. I can see where BrianationX is coming from, I am in no way bad mouthing any one these are just my opinions on the topic. With the Ammar routine I feel that it is insulting the intelligence of the spectators. Although he lightens it with a bit of comedy I feel that it is not enough to get the point across. Talking about cannibal cards and them eating each other in the jungle seems a little far fetched. Whereas Gregory Wilson's performance's have just as absurd concepts but he uses the right amount of comedy and jokingly picks are his audiences' and more importantly he makes fun of himself.

    I know that the above statement may seem to go against my performance style. Being a mentalist I use a lot of patter, but what I say has a more plausible explanation than what was demonstrated in the first routine.

    I guess it all comes down to personal preference when performing. But my opinion is that the Ammar routine was very 'mouth garbage' heavy, not because of the amount patter but the nature of it.
  16. the old school "crap" as you call it, such as presentation and comedy, has gotten me paid to do magic as well has countless other. in fact if i can keep up momentum, and introduce more self marketing in a few years ill be able to quit my day job. yep such crap.

    i understand as a hobby this stuff does not matter, but you go ask someone to pay you 250-350 dollars to card flourish for a hour and see what happens.

    the advice your putting down is from professional magicians to other professional. obviously if your sitting in a chair at home doing magic you never need to be funny at all. people don't want to watch me and pay me for "showing off my skill"

    what a joke
  17. Guys, seriously, there's no point arguing. I think we all see the post for what it is.

    Obviously good advice is falling on deaf ears here, and has been for the past couple of weeks, so why bother?

    I posted this in the other mouthgarbage propaganda thread, and that seemed to end the thread, so maybe it will do the same here:

    ~If a man argues with the village idiot, from a distance no one can tell the difference.

  18. The reason I argue with Brian is for one reason. New magicians come to this board. People who know nothing about the art, and want to learn. If they see many posts by Brian, and they see no one arguing his point of view, they may begin to take his word as fact due to assuming he is a guru. I want to make sure there is always a second side for them to think about. Would you really want those new to magic thinking like our friend Brian here?

    It didn't end it, it is just very, very early so many people aren't on the boards yet ;)

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