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Omniscient By Cedric Taylor

Dec 13, 2007
North Hollywood
Hey whats up, its been a long time since I have been active here on this website; although I have been very active performing, learning, and practicing the art.
This is a review for a product I got called Omniscient.

I have been performing strictly mentalism for a while now, so a product like this always interest me.
When I read through the Ebook I chuckled to myself how clever and simple this Idea was.
Essentially what you are learning to do, is make your own impression pad.
This is very simple and cheap to do if you follow what the book teaches.
The routines taught within the book are also very good and will get you thinking.
I see this product great for people already into performing mentalism and especially for people starting out in it.
Its also great for someone that is looking for a new impression pad.
Cedric teaches a few variations on Q&A routines using the pad.
The routines are very well thought out and worth the read.
Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend it, especially for the low price of $10.
check it out and form your own opinion on it.

I give it a 7/10

It is available here:

feel free to add me on facebook seeing im not really that active on here anymore.
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