On The Loss of Michael Jackson :: 06.25.09

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  1. Although this post is not magic related, it's about a man that is just about as magical as they come. A huge fan of magic; someone that was an enormous inspiration to me when I was younger and today. MJ was widely known to be extremely passionate about magic - seeing performances in the past few years by Dan and Dave, Nathan Burton, David Copperfield, David Blaine, and I'm sure many more than I don't know about.

    A man that literally re-wrote the book on modern performance, celebrity, and the entertainment industry.

    Was very saddened to hear of the loss of MJ today.

    “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” - Michael Jackson
  2. Yeah just heard about that


    Cheers, Tom
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    this is a great lost as a musician and magician
    R.I.P MJ
  4. I just found out about this. There is a tribute to him on Youtube, that's how I found out.
  5. Yea I found out like 2 hours ago. That's sad. Many people say that he deserved to die and what he did back then did this to him, but that isn't right at all. Sure he did some bad things but does anybody deserve to die? I remember when he was on trial a few years ago. Does anybody remember that itricks chat when Franz Harary was talking about when he performed for him at Neverland Ranch?
  6. Yes, Michael was a very big fan of magic. I grew up in Southern California and lived minutes from Disneyland.

    There was more then 1 occasion where I would be inside Disneyland and come to find out Michael Jackson was at the magic shop there, buying 1 or 2 of everything.

    I bought my first set of scotch and soda from that shop...still have it too.

    He was a great performer and entertainer.
  7. I just saw the news from Yahoo. I am quite surprised and deeply saddened by the loss.
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  9. omg, what can i say, since i was a little boy i was raised listening to MJ, it was like he was a part of my family, and when i was old enough to have money i captured every album he brought out, it was almost like i never missed any of his previous stuff, cuz what i didn't have my family did...

    i use to perform every dance i saw him do, i'd go to school dances, and a me and a couple of friends always did his moves, he was inspirational to me as a person, performer, and displayed the guile of being a consummate performer...

    if there was ever shows, movies he was on, i'd make sure i'd watch it, i remember the specials as well, we never missed any, when he was in court, i was a firm supporter of his...i even sometimes when to as far as dressing like him, if you lived in the urban parts where i lived, yeah you got slack for that. i was so MJ stamped, none of that mattered, he will truly be missed, its like a part of the family that has died....

    -the ultimate MJ fan-
  10. I dont know what "IT" is, but what ever "IT" is, MJ had it.

    He was truly magical and absolutely inexplicable, in every sense of the word.

    The world is saddened on this day, but he will never be forgotten and is one of the few people in history that could actually be called a Legend.

  11. We lost another good one

  12. There goes one of the greatest performers who has ever lived.

    My heart goes out to his family and children especially.

  13. indeed. three kids without a dad. it's a sad day.
  14. There was plenty of footage of MJ with David Blaine on the news...

  15. To a man who inspires us all to approach everything we do with passion, originality, and creativity - R.I.P. MJ. You will be remembered.
  16. i was at a party today, and everyone said he was dead, i didnt believe it but i knew in my heart something was wrong, i got home and confirmed he was dead...i shed a tear...RIP MJ, gonna miss ya man

    -max :(
  17. Some deal with grief by crying, some do by dancing at the apollo theatre, and some by cracking jokes. I for one thought that joke was rather entertaining and I like MJ. He was a true artist.
  18. I'm at a loss of words. He was an excellent musician and an extremely talented entertainer. He will always be remembered.
  19. I was with a group of my friends today just hanging around when I got a text saying he was dead. One of my friends, who biked from his house to where we were 45 minutes before, said that he was watching the news as Michael was in the hospital under cardiac arrest. Then we went over to Salsarita's, where the TV was on CNN, and it was confirmed that he was dead. It's a sad day, I just finished listening to Smooth Criminal. We love you, Michael Jackson. RIP
  20. R.I.P King of Pop.

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