One-Hand Multiple Cuts

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  1. Hi there,
    • I am just a kid (so sorry if my English is too bad) and want to know few cuts on cardistry basics,
    • The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes would be too expensive for me to buy and my dad wont get me so..
    • But I have found out it had some useful One-Hand Multiple Cuts to learn though and I wish I could learn them.
    • But I do have the Genesis V1 by Andrei Jikh though and I am learning through his order.
    • Can I please know if you can share some knowledge about using some Charlier Cut, Thumb Cut, Scissor Cut and Revolution Cut in One-Hand Multiple Cuts BTW?
    • Here I have got idea about the thumb cut.
    • and the scissor cut
    • Just want to know if there are stuff to do with the Charlier (I think i.e Charlier Tri-Cut from the book) and revolution cut..
    • I do feel frustrated to move on to spring and fans but I am keeping one whole year on just learning one handed multiple cuts.. So please help if you can..
    Thanks alot..
    *I am new to theory 11 forums so if you follow me I can show my running thumb cut without thumb grip and I think this helps for small hands though. Ill put it up only if you ask me to.
  2. whoever has the book, pls help me out i just want to see one page of that book and thats for the Charlier Tri-Cut plss..
  3. Is that in royal road to card magic?
  4. Not sure what i it though?
  5. Trigger, retrigger, l cuts, kryptonite, 360 revolution, razor (bone ho).

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