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  1. Wow I'm really getting into one-handed stuff. Anyways...

    Anyone know where I can learn some cool-looking one handed cuts? The only one I know is the basic one handed cut and I would like to expand my knowledge of one handed cuttingness to a higher degree. :D
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    Brian Tudor has an amazing one handed cut. It can be found in Showoff Volume 1 and II and also Generation Extreme as well. However, the teaching of the dvd is not very good. If you put dedication and hard work, then it will be worth it. I would have to say Cai, one of theVirts has insane one handed cut I've ever seen in my life.
  3. Xtreme Beginnerz Volume 1 teaches multiple one handed cuts and a one handed riffle shuffle. Also The Cobra Cut DVD teaches the most difficult one handed cut. And there is a 1 on 1 by Andrei Jikh that is called Backpack.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Along with the things already said, you can check out the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourish by Jerry Cestowski (man, that's a pain to type). He teaches lots of one hand cuts in that book, most of which you have never even heard of.
  5. I second encyclopedia. Its got some good, original one-handed cuts. Not to mention tons of other useful flourishes. You won't be disappointed.
  6. first of all, how could you be getting really into one-handed cuts if you only know one, the charlier cut. lol

    but anyway, there are a couple on the trilogy disc three, like the revolution cut. (one of my all time favorites lol
  7. rev is tudors.

    tudor has a ton of awesome one handeds. check out all the show off volumes.
  8. What I meant was that I have been watching alot of cardistry vids lately and the moves I seem to like the most are one-handed cuts. I think I came across the wrong way with my words. My bad :eek:
  9. Check out Generation Xtreme by Brian tudor.

    He does one handed cuts upside down. and im serious when i say that. I think he does Onehanded revolution - 3 upside down.
  10. Here's a quote from Gen X I found funny...

    "So, it's basically like doing a pass, upside-down, in one hand, with three packets..." :p

  11. Lol. Nice. :p :p :p
  12. uhh.. i think that's actually right though. it does look like a pass upside down in one hand with three packets.

  13. i have never really seen Cai in anything are there any vids i could watch?
  14. Fourplay


    Cai was two of these videos. From what I heard so far, I heard that he quit cardistry. Can someone confirm if it is true?
  15. i remember seeing a post from huron saying that he just isn't as active as the others but that was a while ago so i don't know.
  16. dang. he's a beeeast!
  17. He was kicked out of the virts. Btw I personally think that this is a great one hand cut video
  18. my favorite one hand cut is Max321's signature combo of thumb cuts and running charliers with a crazy split in there, you can find it in the HL kickass#2 video at the very end.
  19. Well there are some basic one handed cuts that are a "must" for flourishers that want to climb up to the higher levels.

    Ill sum it up for you:

    Kryptonite - DnD/The System

    One handed revolution - Brian Tudor/Can be found on his DVDs and on YouTube.

    L Cuts - Jerry/Encyclopedia of card flourishes/Youtube

    Charlier cuts

    Hotshot cut

    Thumb cut

    Well, these are some of the cuts that I perform alot.


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