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  1. Can someone please give me a list of one-handed cuts? And give a sort of rating of Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced?

    So far I know (and know of):
    The Charlier Cut
    The Thumb Cut
    The Revolution Cut
    The Scissor Cut
    ...I think that's it. These are all pretty much beginner cuts.

    So what else is there?
  2. Um... Kryptonite found on The System by Dan and Dave buck
    The L cut in the Encyclopedia of card flourishes, I'm sure there are many more in there as well however I don't own it (I should)
    Everything in the book A Cut Above by Msgr. Vincent Foy available on
    The On Demand video T3 on teaches a very cool one-handed cut and you can learn the main cut later if it is too advanced.
    Hot shot cut, I think you can find a tutorial on youtube. However you might be better off searching where it was actually published (Don't learn too much from youtube)
    I don't know if this counts but you should learn the one-handed shuffle (It's taught on Genesis so your fine)
    Double/triple charlier, I'm not sure where you can learn this. Try youtube
    I also have a creation of mine I could share with you.

    So, I'm probably not the best person to answer your questions however no one was replying so I thought my response is better than no response. I hope this helps, PM if you have anymore questions I'll do my best to answer them.

  3. Does The System include verbal walkthroughs and over the shoulder angles for each flourish?
  4. Nah, the System is much harder to learn from as it is just 2 angles. One from the direct front and one from above. And it is basically just a slowed down performance.

    Anyway, everything said before is fine except for the youtube remark. While learning from Youtube is bad with magic, it is great with flourishing. There are great tutorials on youtube that are just as good as the ones that are sold.

    Don't hesitate to use youtube. It is your greatest resource.
  5. Well, I've tried using YouTube before. But frankly, its very hard for me to learn a flourish without a verbal walkthrough. And most of the videos on YouTube don't have this. This is a message to all of you who are making tutorials on YouTube: TALK! Because I don't know what you're doing just from you doing it.
  6. Then all you can do is learn from Genesis 1 and 2 and a select few from Youtube. But you will never be able to learn the really good ones as many were made a long time ago and have no words and just demonstration/words written on the screen.

    I suggest you learn to learn from videos without talking. Or else after G1 and G2, you are almost out of options until G3 comes out.
  7. S.G. is right, I confused magic and flourishing. Youtube is pretty good for flourishing tutorials, I also had difficulty learning from silent videos as well. However when I became more familiar with basic flourishes, I was able to learn with ease, so I'd say for now learn from Genesis V1/V2 and maybe when you're done, you will be able to learn from silent videos.
  8. Brian Tudor has made quite a few single-handed cuts, he actually made a rant on how there weren't enough and the ones that existed sucked and so he "took it upon himself" to make more. They're pretty good and I'm sure you'll be able to find them easily enough.
  9. Just by reading this post I can tell you are a begginer,

    On youtube the flourishers have almost no sympathy for begginers. When I first started cardistry It took me a whole day to learn this flourish. I only got up off of the computer seat to use the bathroom ,and eat my three meals. The tutorial had no words and no talking. The tutorial was basically a slowed version of the flourish with annoying romanian music in the backround. Then after I learned this flourish I started to learn more flourishes ,and I got so advanced to the point that I was laughing at the comments of people complaining "that was too fast" or "talk you idiot". Do not limit your options. The next time you see a flourish tutorial learn it no matter how long it takes. If you really want to learn a move NOTHING will hold you back. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  10. From that? I listed like 4 one-handed cuts I can, I think that would've been enough. :D

    Well okay then.

    I still think people should talk in tutorials. Lack of verbal instruction in a tutorial is simply immature to me. Even if you do learn just by watching, there are little things that you might (and probably will) miss, that could have easily been taught through verbal instruction. I'm just saying, a tutorial is not being showed what to do, its being told how to do.
  11. Then Dan and Dave are really quite immature. And so are Ambrose, Ben, Tobias, Oliver, Michael Herp, and Chris Hestnes (to name a few).

    It's not them who are immature. They still show you how to do it and what to do. You are the one who needs to adapt.
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    The System = hell to learn from. It's packed with beautiful flourishes, but the teaching angles are the worst I've seen, that's the only negative thing I have to say about it. They're demonstrations really, not tutorials.

    To quote Dan:
    Moving on, here is a list from The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes:

    Charlier Pass
    Thumb Cut
    Pinkie Cut
    Herrmann Cut
    Scissor Cut
    Horizontal Turn Cut
    Vertical Turn Cut
    Vertical Spin Cut
    Roll Cut
    L Cut
    Extension Cut (X Cut)
    Index Cut
    “Pincer Grip Cut”
    Helicopter Throw Cut
    Straight Throw Cut
    Roll Throw Cut
    Flip Throw Cut
    Hindu Throw Cut
    Aerial Cut

    Charlier Tri-Cut
    Thumb Tri-Cut
    Turning Tri-Cut
    Extension Tri-Cut
    Running Thumb Cut
    Charlier/Thumb “Shuffle”
    “Five-Packet” Cut
    L-X Quad Cut
    Running L Cut
    L-X Interpolation
    Six-Packet Display Cut
    Flip-Flop Cut
    One-Hand Cut Miscellany

    You can find performances (not tutorials) of these on the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes DVD by Jerry Cestkowski, and you can learn how to do the moves from the book. With some patience and persistence, you could learn many of them just by going through the DVD.

    Then there is the One Hand Revolution, popularized by Brian Tudor. This cut has 5 variations to it.

    There is also Devo's Cobra Cut... Fun.
  13. Very cool! Thanks.

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